May 1, 2020

Product Information. With an ideal 6×7 cm format negative size, the Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID Medium Format camera stands out as the preferred choice among. From it’s legendary 6x7cm ideal format, to its unique revolving film back, the Mamiya RZ67 has earned the respect of professional photographers around the . The Mamiya RZ67 is a medium format single-lens reflex system camera manufactured by Mamiya. There are three successive models: the RZ67 Professional (first model released in ), RZ67 Professional II (released in ) and RZ67 Professional IID (released.

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Several models of finders exist for the Mamiya RZ Lenses, viewfinders and backs can all be exchanged and full auto exposure is possible with some of the finder options.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. A non-metered prism finder with an upright ikd correctly oriented image also exists. The RZ67 has also mechanical couplings between the parts, but the shutter is electronic, and parts are able to transmit exposure information with electronic couplings.

Unfortunately, the GS-1 mmiya not have built-in bellows focusing although a dedicated Macro bellows attachment existsso the GS lenses cannot be focused as close as most of the comparable Mamiya RZ lenses.

AE and Manual metering possible with choice of spot or averaging with optional AE Prism Viewfinder meter activated by light pressure on shutter release button.

LED’s indicate operating status, lens cap and battery level. Both grips feature an maimya shutter release, which allows the firing of the camera using the left-hand trigger finger.

As the lenses feature electronic shutters, the longest exposure time that can be used in the “B” setting is 30 seconds. Mirror-up function and Bulb setting require special Mamiya “Mirror-Up” double cable release or two cable releases Self Timer No Flash Synchronization PC socket for electronic flash connection on lens barrel and dedicated hot shoe on camera body side works with Metz and gives flash ready signal in viewfinder – the RZ67 is NOT a TTL flash capable camera.


RZ67 Pro I ready for shooting. Applications include available light photography for reportage, wildlife, sports, fashion and beauty. Her actual response was an eye roll and walking out of the room but that could be taken either way right?

Skip to main content. The Spacer is designed for use with the Short Barrel Lenses. The RZ models can mostly be found in studio settings as they are quite bulky due to the revolving back construction, but as they are now quite affordable in the used camera market, more of them are in the hands of enthusiasts, who also use them on location.

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mamiya RZ67 Pro IID photos on Flickr | Flickr

You can now see the rest from this series at The Beginning of the Summer. Format is determined by choice of optional film magazines; 6 electrical contacts on body to accommodate digital backs. This lever also cocks the shutter and winds the film. The Mamiya APO Series are specifically designed to give the utmost performance in telephoto design lenses, for consistent, unparalleled image quality from wide angle to telephoto.

Equivalent to 53mm in 35mm format. Mamiya recommends to store the lenses with shutters released when they are not used for a long time. Peel-apart film is fun: Two mamiyya competitors also made 6×7 cm cameras: Applications include portraiture, fashion, landscape and sports. The overall level of sharpness is controlled by the diaphragm opening and choice of ammiya.

I smile whenever I look at the photos taken by the Mamiya RZ! From it’s legendary 6x7cm ideal format, to its unique revolving film back, the Mamiya RZ67 has earned the respect of professional photographers around the world.

The extensive use of low dispersion glass makes APO lenses heavier and more costly than standard design telephoto lenses. The image here is actually LARGER than a typical RZ shot because it’s 7×7 instead of 6×7, but it also has these fun cut-off corners – presumably to show you what your actual horizontal or vertical framing would look like.


Applications include commercial photography, landscape, aerial, wildlife, sports, portrait, beauty, and fashion photography, where ultimate image quality from a long focal length and a noticeable image compression effect is desired.

It is covered with non-slip rubber, to which a dimple pattern is applied.

Ultra Low Dispersion glass is used for maximum sharpness, plus a floating element system is incorporated to ensure that high contrast and resolution from the center to the periphery of the image gz67 are guaranteed. The viewfinder also hosts LEDs informing of the state of the camera flash ready, low battery, dark slide not removed, shutter not cocked. Applications include portraiture, fashion, landscape telephotography and sports.

Hot shoePC socket. Applications include studio portraiture, fashion and landscape photography.

Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID Medium Format SLR Film Camera Body Only

The “off” amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller’s price on eBay. The bellows focusing on the Mamiya 67RZ series already provides excellent close focusing capabilities with wide angle and normal lenses. Two models exist, the first one, with control dials on the right side is for the original RZ67 and model II, with iis dials on the pgo of the finder for the subsequent models.

Mamiya RZ67 Film Cameras. Format is determined by choice of optional film magazines; 6 electrical contacts on body to accommodate digital backs. White Room by Aryan Aqajani.

The edges of the lens elements are designed to iud Linear distortion is apparent, and can be creatively used for unusual perspective of any scene or subject. Several LEDs at the bottom of the viewfinder are also used to communicate warnings. You may also like.