April 7, 2021

English Translation of the Shri Malini Vijayouttara Tantra. Malini Vijayottara Tantra is esteemed as the Highest Tantra in the Kashmir School of Shaivism. A Seminal Translation – partial unfortunately. It is further stated in the Mālinīvijaya Tantra: This is said in Mālinī Vijaya Tantra: The yogi who does not maintain awareness at the time he achieves supreme.

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The philosophical system Shaivism is inspired by the many Tantra or Agama tradition indicates 64the sacred texts of the Tantga literature. Their field is offered by the totality of categories from kala to earth. Of the seven crores of mantras one half of the portion has, at the option of Siva, attained the deathless stage after favouring hosts of jivas. It contains detailed meditation images of the elements, and various siddhis are said to occur from these practices.

Malinivijayottara Tantra

It is correct and older than either of the above two MSS. There is nothing which has unmixed good or unmixed evil in it. Generally, the written Shaivism tradition Sastra can be divided into three basic parts: This site uses cookies. Malinivijayottara Tantra In turya state, the aspirant is identified with Shiva consciousness.

Track 7 Malinivijaya tantra

The triple manifestation of the transcendental self as an average self, as energy and as Siva, constitutes the triad of fundamentals forming the central theme of the Vijayaa Philosophy. The inspiration of Sivasakti as revealed in him is determined by the particular movement of Dantakashtha.


There are a few blanks in the MS. The origin of the mlini lore or Agama is very beautifully painted in the rich vocabulary of Tantraloka. A candidate with such qualifications is entitled to yogic practice and if he continue to follow the methods adopted for different dharanas, he is sure vijay win his conquest of the entire cosmos.

Chapter fourteen deals with techniques relating to the tanmatras themselves, that is the impressions of smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing, a subject extended in the 15th adhikara.

Sakta is the name of that stage which is obtainable by. The principle of maya is viewed from eleven standpoints because of the further reduction of Pralayakala as.

For understanding the application of the three mantras viuaya para, apara and parapara, as regards the different principles, the reader is advised to consult the passage given on page 24 Malinivijaya.

Further practice brings greater siddhis.

Kashmiri Shaivism

He occupies as lofty a position as Siva and is, as such, the revealer of the potency of mantras. He finds gratification as much in the one as in the other cf. It is consequently out of copyright. This sort of practice is resorted to by the black magicians whose fate is rendered miserable both here and hereafter.

The five systems of revelation, which principally originate from Paramashiva through His five powers, constitute the 92 schools of Tantras divisible into three classes and designated respectively Siva, Rudra and Bhairava. The sweet cup of nectar, which it holds in its outstretched palms, can be enjoyed by maloni the high and the low.


According to the degree of divine inspiration, he is called 1 Samprapta, 2 Ghatamana, 3 Siddha and 4 Siddhatama. The impurity, actions, Maya and the whole world, as her creation, form the category of the avoidables. The third is permeated by the Bodhini Kali.

His patience will not be exhausted by the minute details recorded in relation to the dharanas because the success in one particular dharana will repay the trouble in an incalculable way.

It contains detailed meditation images of the elements, and various siddhis are said to occur from these practices. The adorer becomes the adored himself. It is only the potency of the mantras that brings about the subjugation of these supersensuous beings.

The homa being over, he may rest and go to sleep. Two vessels, one big and one small formed of gold and full of perfumed water, should be placed with two canopies of white cloth over them. Pralayakala is wrapped up in the defilements of mala and karma.

To a txntra Tantric, birth and death are phenomena of his own creation. You are commenting using your WordPress. Difficulties in the adoption of Tantric methods. They, as such, deserve Thy favour. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. It describes in a masterly style the way how it was revealed to the sages: