August 1, 2020

Maaseh Sheni (Second Tithes) belongs to the first order, Zera’im (seeds) Read the text of Mishnah Maaser Sheni online with commentaries and connections. Maaser Sheni (3). Realigning with Your ‘Why’ (Video) ยท Realigning with Your ‘Why ‘. By Aryeh Weinstein. In relationship and commitments, things that used to be. According to this site there are 2 ways to take care of Biyur Maaser Sheni coins. Destroy the coin to the point where it is no longer legal tender.

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Torah Sparks is produced by the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

Each week there will be a Dvar Torah – a discussion on some aspect of the reading, by CY faculty, alumni and friends; a Vort – a short thought from Chasidic rebbes or other thinkers about some point in the text; and Table Talk – questions to stimulate discussion on the Parsha around the Shabbat table.

Torah Sparks is available here on the Conservative Yeshiva’s Shiurim Online Beit Midrash website, as well shenk by subscription to weekly graphical emails. Please select the Parasha you would like to see – it will display articles from each year.


A printable PDF is linked at the end of each week’s presentation. According to rabbinic interpretation, Deuteronomy While the first tithe goes to the Levite, the second tithe stays in the possession of its owners.

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The owners must take this tithe to Jerusalem and eat it there. There they can use the money to buy food products, either sacrifices or other foods. According to Leviticus This is maaseg procedure in the first, second, fourth and fifth years of a seven-year sabbatical cycle.

The rabbis interpreted Deuteronomy In these years the poor tithe, called maaser ani, replaces the maaser sheni, the second tithe. The first tithe is given during all years of the cycle, except for the seventh year. Maaser Sheni also discusses the laws governing plants or vineyards in their fourth year.

This topic is addressed in Leviticus Three years it shall be forbidden for you, not to be eaten. The reason that this topic is dealt with in Tractate Maaser Sheni is that according to halakhah, like maaser sheni, the produce that grows in the fourth year is also brought to Jerusalem, or redeemed and the proceeds are brought to Jerusalem.

Second tithe – Wikipedia

Introduction shenni Maaser Sheni By Dr. Deuteronomy 14 22 You shall set aside every year a tenth part of all the yield of your sowing that is brought from the field. Wrap up the money and take it with you to the place that the LORD your God has chosen, 26 and spend the money on anything you want โ€” cattle, sheep, wine, or other intoxicant, or anything you may desire.


Deuteronomy 14 28 Maaaser third year you shall bring out the full tithe of your yield of that year, but leave it within your settlements. Deuteronomy 26 12 When you have set aside in full the tenth part of your yield โ€” in the third year, the year of the tithe โ€” and have given it to the Levite, the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, that they may eat their fill in your settlements, 13 you shall declare before the LORD your God: Leviticus 19 23 When you enter the land and plant any tree for food, you shall regard its fruit as forbidden.

Good shei and enjoy! Bereshit Shemot Vayikra Bemidbar Devarim.