May 4, 2020

A FotoFusion user shared their creative tutorial on how to build custom mattes, so we thought we’d share it with you!. Lumapix Fotofusion Template Tutorial – YouTube Change Background, Swim Video tutorial on how to use the lumapix fotofusion templates bought from my. My name is Alexis, I’m 18 years old, I live in Paris and I practice digital double exposure. I love art and I draw for many years, and I’ve recently started digital work.

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All Things FotoFusion Related

It will link to an external photo editor if you have it. Posted May 18, at There are also some bugs in hutorial program that are quite serious.

For the photo book companies compared side-by-side check out my Photo Book Company Comparison page. The most common one is called Lumapkx. I think that distinction is pretty accurate and you can determine what makes sense for you.

Create great quality wedding albums, scrapbook layouts, One-Click Collage and large format output.

15 best FotoFusion by Lumapix images on Pinterest | Digital scrapbooking, Alpha bet and Alphabet

It worked great for me when I tested it out! Having said that, I still love the program and the Mac version is welcomed. This is where you tutoriwl drag all your goodies on to the page from. Why not hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show. Extreme v5 is the only version currently offered and supported by Lumapix.

Frosted Look a Fotofusion Tutorial Getting to keep your photo book designs without worry of losing them is key for me. You can also control precise placement by right clicking on the box. For example you can build a proofbook in less than a minute with the wizard.


To set gutorial bucket window so that it doesn’t keep closing, click on the little pin on the top right corner of that window. Frosted Look a Fotofusion Tutorial. Any program takes some time to learn. Maybe I’m not recalling correctly, but could you refresh my memory on what the deal was?

Thanks a LOT for this mini-tutorial. Drag the handles until you’ve sized it to about 7. I will show you how to create this page from start to finish:. Also in lumaipx Extreme version some pre-made book templates are available. Let me know what you think! If you buy the software I receive a commission, however I found the companies independently and was not asked to write this post, nor was I compensated for it.

FotoFusion Video Tutorials

Before you get too far, I would do one or two sample layouts, export it as a jpeg and then upload the file to MyPublisher. I saw in their website that they have MementoPro — is lumapid different from Fotofusion? Posted January 13, at There are some companies I heard about that are tutoria, focused on digital scrapbookers. No layout is complete without a title and some journaling. You do that by simply left-clicking tutorixl dragging.

Michael tells me the speed issues are resolved and that it has more of a MAC look and feel now. Fotofusion guided tour from the person who invented the software. You can also adjust frame and shadow width to your liking as well as rotate a photo at any angle.

I use it hand in hand with Photoshop, but many times I can complete my entire album never opening PS. I just got off the phone with Michael Sheasby, the president of Lumapix, who just called to give me the great news. You can either export it as a spread or individual pages. This course teaches the students how to use a Digital SLR camera.


Photography & Yearbook

To create your own layout you can start with a blank canvas and choose the grey button with the plus sign to create an image or text box. I really hope they tuyorial a little longer to fix these before they push it out. It focus on layout management and the results are quite impressive. They will learn the basics of putting together a yearbook, tutorisl page layouts, editing, and even sending the book to print.

Video tutorial on how to use the lumapix fotofusion templates bought from my store, how to insert photos by dragging and dropping, how to change background Adobe Photoshop Elements Select lumzpix middle frame, and drag the blue handle down until you have resized it to line up with the other two bottom frames, as shown below.

To start, you can choose from a blank canvas or a pre-made template. This will give you an empty frame on your canvas. Do that by right-clicking on the zipped file. I tried it a tiny bit several years ago but never got hooked. Posted March 28, at Now you want to make tuforial frame.