May 7, 2020

Download Citation on ResearchGate | Creative and mental growth / [by]Viktor Lowenfeld | Incluye bibliografía }. Creative and Mental Growth has 48 ratings and 1 review. Children are the essence of this book, but more than that, they are the essence of society. Creat. It is fascinating to realize that as children grow and experience the world in both physical and psychological settings, their physical, mental, and creative growth.

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But, except for the arts, the senses are apt to be ignored. It is obvious that no single individual can be made responsible for the lack of integration between our culture and scientific achievements, but these important characteristics of our time have to be understood especially by those who guide our youth.

The integrated art experiences will, therefore, be different with each individual, according to the type of self-identification with the settlers who landed on our shores. If their minds are blocked and move around in stereotypes, their frame of reference needs to be extended.

Only then will he be able to identify with the particular needs of this individual child. Many elementary school teacher preparation programs used this book since it described characteristics of child art. Let it be clear crextive our task is to help individuals in their identification with their own selves and to stimulate creativeness with whatever methods are most effective.

Here, too, later generations could find a most excellent expression of the lack of integration between contemporary life and culture. Usually such children laugh about their own products or are continually un- satisfied with them.

Full text of “Creative and mental growth”

This extension of the frame of reference has sensitized the child to his loweenfeld motions as well as kental the meaningfulness of the drawing area. One of the basic ingredients of a creative art experience is the relation- ship between the artist and his environment. The means of expression. Trivia About Creative and Ment However, children in general do not dis- criminate between things good for them and things detrimental.


No procedure or material should be replaceable by another one. Paperbackpages. From some points of view education has done its task; looking around us today, we can see great material gains.

This applies to all stages and levels of creative activity.

Other factors in creativity have been identified as being a part of this important process. Let’s skate with our crayon on it. Water color may be an obstacle to his expression. After coloring the workbook birds, the child has lost his creative sensitivity and self-reliance. It expresses the relation of the artist to himself and to his environment. By so doing teachers deprive themselves of the proper functioning of a most effective educational means — environment.

Through such experiences a child’s art expression becomes “an integral part of the whole stream of his living. His relationship to a dog may be one of love, friendship. The child can identify with himself — maybe for the first time — in his creative work.

However, it is not these figures or their rearrangement that make for mental growth, but rather what these figures stand for.

In Lowenfeld fled to England before arriving in the United States. Mary may be peacefully playing with her doll when you suddenly interrupt her and tell her that her time is over and that she has to go to bed. Art at all levels should stress the unique response of the individual child, and the copying of examples of work from the teacher, books, or from other children is usually avoided like the plague.

There is no place in coloring books to express anxieties. Through his flexible approaches toward the expression of his own ideas he will not only face new situations properly but will adjust himself to them easily.

Creative and Mental Growth

Jaclyn rated it really liked it May 01, Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. He loves to swing on them. It is to be hoped that neither of us would end our appreciative experience there, but we would nonetheless begin there. Interaction of the child with his environment — in this ceative, a rabbit with his twitchy nose and soft fur — provides material for abstract intellectual processes. In this way llwenfeld induce in the child the problems of the artist, and by so doing, we make him feel as did the creator.


Viktor Lowenfeld

How would wood “feel” when covered with paint. He may be surprised by what he can do through the many happy accidents that occur when the wet paint runs on the paper and merges in unexpected beauty. The child who uses creative activ- ity as an emotional outlet will gain freedom and flexibility as a result of the release of unnecessary tensions.

Tifani rated it it was amazing Apr mentao, In an art class, motivating toward a greater awareness of details and toward a discovery of differences devel- ops the capacity for analysis.

In art he will give expression to his new social and mental awareness. Obviously the latest streamlined model would be the first choice of the average American. These elements may be of great variety and complexity; they consist of perceptual experiences such as menntal, tactile, kinesthetic, smell, or taste sensations as well as aesthetic and other experi- ences. The best game with poor attendance may have little excitement. Views Read Edit View history. The drawing shows a high degree of perceptual sensitivity.

National Art Education Association,pp.

Open Preview See a Problem? It hardly needs to be pointed out that these are some of the basic qualities of any art experience.