May 16, 2020

Lost Spring/ Lost Spring. Stories of Stolen Childhood. About the author. Anees Jung () was born in Rourkela and spent her childhood and adolescence. The story, “Lost Spring” describes the pitiable condition of poor children Anees Jung gives voice to eliminate child labour by educating the. Anees Jung gives voice to eliminate child labour by educating the Ans. Anees Jung has portrayed two stories in ‘Lost Spring’ and both depict.

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Then they began to live in Seemapuri, a slum near Delhi. Rag picking is different for children and adult. The politicians, middlemen, policemen and bureaucrats will all obstruct their way of progress. Nov 30, Vikas rated it really liked it. Garbage to them is gold. His family does not know that it is illegal for children to work in such close to furnaces with such high temperatures. Together they have imposed the baggage on the child that he cannot put down.

Even after much toil, they do not get full meal. Sonal rated it really liked it Aug 10, Why did people migrate from the village in Dhaka to Delhi? Anees Jung gives voice to eliminate child labour by educating the children and to enforce the laws against child labour by the governments strictly.

Class XII – Flamingo – Lost Spring – Academicseasy

Gourab Saha rated it really liked it Feb 05, What makes the city of Firozabad famous? He is no longer his own master. They remain ill fed and ill clad throughout life.


Maithili rated it aneess liked it Sep 03, Immediately at the second thought, she realizes that the advice must sound very hollow. They could never prosper working in this industry.

The description of India’s problems by two distinct worlds in author own language,- “one of the fami Read “Lost spring” by “Anees jung”it was awesome explanation of stolen childhood. They are afraid to form cooperatives to safeguard themselves because they feel that they will be beaten up by the police and jailed for doing something illegal. Nayana Saikia marked it as to-read Jul 26, The author was embarrassed because the promise was not meant to be fulfilled.

The writer is pained to see Saheb, whose name means the ruler of the Earth, anses the spark of childhood. Tarnika Jain rated it liked it Oct 21, Please enter your username or email address. One needs guidance and inborn talents to be a successful rag picker. The bangle makers are trapped in the vicious circle of middlemen and police.

The Lost Spring by Anees Jung

Nilabh Ranjan rated it really liked it Sep 02, The call is to srping child exploitation and let the children enjoy the days of the spring that bring joy under their feet. He can materialize his dream once he walks.

Police, middle-men and others would not allow them to take any other vocation. Why do the rag pickers have ration permits but no identity?


Note: Summary Chapter: Lost Spring – Subject: English – XII – Course: BoardPrep – 12th

His family is engaged in making bangles but Mukesh insists on being his own master. Books by Anees Jung. His name means — the lord of universe which contrasts with his life. They are afraid of being hauled up by the Police, beaten and dragged to jail for doing something illegal. For the elders it is a means of survival. Seemapuri is geographically close to Delhi, but its traditions, standard of life and people are far away from Delhi. Other children who live their are also like Saheb, rag lozt.

In their bleak stories of exploitation, the author finds glimpses of resilience and fortitude. These people feel that though they may have to live in the most abysmal conditions in the city, they will get at least some food to eat.

The determination and strong will of becoming a motor mechanic and learning to drive a car, seems to be as firm as a rock in Mukesh. Ishtarth Chopra marked it as to-read Jan 01, Banglemakers did not do so because if they tried to get organized they would be beaten up by the police and dragged to jail for doing something illegal.

Thanks for helping me in making my short notes on this chapter.