May 7, 2020

The Ottoman centuries: the rise and fall of the Turkish empire / Lord Kinross Summary: The Ottoman Empire began in under the almost legendary. The Ottoman Empire began in under the almost legendary Osman I, The Ottoman Centuries: The Rise and Fall of the Turkish Empire Lord Kinross. The Ottoman Centuries: The Rise and Fall of the Turkish Empire. Front Cover. Patrick Balfour Baron Kinross. Cape, – History Lord Kinross No preview.

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His forces lodd the capital of the Christian Byzantine Empire, Constantinople, in and renamed it Istanbul. When it arrived in the mail, I was initially apprehensive of its length more than pagesbut am happy to report that the author has done an outstanding job, such that the reading journey through the centuries, and seemingly endless similarly-named sultans and grand veziers is actually enjoyable.

For many Westerners, a notable omission from our pre-adult schooling is the history of the Ottoman Empire, which began in about A. History informs us of the present and this book helps with the understanding of present day issues affecting the Balkans as well as Russian, Greek and Turkish foreign policy and the disputes still unresolved ceenturies. A history rich in ambitions, achievements, wonders, and tragedies.

By the late 17th century the Empire was shrinking but this is not to imply that further great Sultans did not rule from this point forward.

Yes, there are maps, but they are inadequate and poorly aligned with the battles and movements in the text. Selim III introduced major reforms that included open exchanges with the West and internal policies that once again united the Empire through the elimination of corruption and inefficiency.

It is instead a solid bedrock to lay the foundation for other works, such as The Ottoman Age of Exploration. Thanks for those titles, Abi. It finally ends with the end of the empire and the birth of the nation state, the modern Turkey as we know.


If you are interested in general Ottoman culture, literature and the arts, religion, or daily life, this is not the book for you, these subjects are hardly touched. And it was broken up by the forces of nationalism which came to fruition in the 19th Century, leading to the formation of nation states out of many of the portions under Ottoman control. That said, it had enough rhe to cover and those parts were so interesting that maybe Lord Kinross simply wanted to illustrate more important historical events and facts.

Find Rare Books Book Value. Open Preview See a Problem? Page 26 – There was no general Islamization of Christians — least of all by compulsion — within Ottoman territory. At the end the author provides us with a great epilogue for his book and this history and state.

The Ottoman Centuries by Lord Kinross [BOOK REVIEW]

Talk about a subject in which I was not versed. They became scapegoats, I guess, as people always love to find somebody else to blame. This is a Good Solid Book. Nationalistic fervor arose in lands such as Bulgaria and Greece, and the rest of Europe, anxious to protect the rights of their fellow Christians, whether Latin or Orthodox, began to mediate and even at times intercede with force.

Read this book if you want to get to know and understand Russell Books Ltd Condition: A balance in perspective is important, and this book lacks it just a bit. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Duke, your ability to review and promote books is astounding.

Ottoman Centuries by Kinross, Lord

But truthfully, I don’t recommend this tome for anybody who wants to take a first look at the area’s history. But after his reign concludes, the empire steadily decline, until it simply disintegrates and the last Sultan is sent off to end his life in obscurity.


This book did what it set out to do – provide a comprehensive overview of the Ottoman Empire kinross its legendary origins to its transition into the Republic of Turkey. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I think you will enjoy the book, especially since you travel in Turkey.

Harper CollinsAug 1, kknross History – pages. International Priority Air Mail shipping available for this item. Be sure to let us know when you are in Cappadocia.

The Ottoman centuries : the rise and fall of the Turkish empire / Lord Kinross – Details – Trove

He respects the empire and reports and analyzes the history without bombast or a Eurocentric bent. Very slight surface wear at bottom front tip, light wear to long spine edges. Jun 01, Albert rated it it was amazing. Apr 23, Tomi rated it liked it. Knowing very little about the scope of Ottoman history and then mostly from the perspective of Western Europe, I snapped this up during a work break from the Amarinth Bookstore in downtown Evanston.

Still tragedies lay on and in each corner of the Ottoman centuries, from the unimaginable horrors of the fratricide and filicide practiced and made legal by the sultans as Selim I and his son Suliman The Magnificent respectively. There is still a great deal missing.

Dec 23, Justin rated it it was amazing. And given the continued importance of the Middle East and Islamic states in the modern world, a better understanding of their roots can only be a positive, as for example, the power of Islamic fundamentalism was an integral part of even this very powerful empire throughout its existence.