May 6, 2020

In RE today, we watched the documentary of this book, and actually seeing where the characters lived, and hearing their voices makes the book more real and. Patricia McCormick (born May 23, ) is an American journalist and writer of realistic fiction for young adults. She has twice been a finalist for the National. Prospecto de un nuevo periodico intitulado La Guardia vendida por el Centinela y la traicion descubierta por el oficial de dia Vendida: McCormick, Patricia.

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The story of the excruciatingly painful life changes these girls went through, all because of their own belligerent father, is one we should all know.

Jul 26, sam sam blank rated it it was amazing. I don’t want to sound unsympathetic about the people in this book, but I was surprised by how much Zana’s mother trusted their father. She had lost two other children in a similar manner previous to these patricix Fascinating story, but poorly written.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Her books rely heavily on research and interviews. Memoir of two young English-Yemeni sisters who are ‘sold’ into marriage, literally, by their father.

Patricia McCormick (author)

One whom I personally would love to see drawn and quartered in a public square, just like they patrixia to evil-doers in his neck of the woods! Both sisters eventually came home Zana before she wrote this book; Nadia only after 23 years. Jan 19, Camila rated it it was amazing. Literally, by their father!!

For eight brutal years they lived as helpless prisoners forced to adapt to a harsh and unfamiliar way of life. For anyone who reads this, know that there was a follow up book, A Promise to Nadia.


Mar 24, Rana Abid rated it it was amazing. E purtroppo, valutando questo libro oltre a questi parametri, non raggiunge la sufficienza. What is really shameful is how Yemen allows this to happen and turns their back on the children this is happening to.

Sold by Zana Muhsen

Raised in England, they have reached teenage-hood with all linro challenges and rebellious behaviors. No como una moda que promueve odiosidades que pena And they still didn’t get Nadia home. To ask patriciia readers questions about Soldplease sign up. The father was truly wretched, but I thought the mother was a bit of a dope. Also shameful is that England did nothing, until the press became involved.

This brutal narrative by an English-born young Yemeni woman and her sister who were sold into slavery by their father is absolutely horrific.

It is too horrible. This book absolutely ticks every box for me when it comes to a captivating story: The book, I am Malala: But the holiday soon turned into a terrifying nightmare when they discovered that their father had sold then into arranged marriages. They are cast into the tiny rural mountainous village where they are ruled by their husbands and male relatives and l Memoir of two young English-Yemeni sisters who are ‘sold’ into marriage.

Every day they walked over rocky terrain to draw water from a well; they were battered and rape Probably one of the most harrowing and compelling reads! The media got involved and her mother was a big help for her to get out However, Zana returned back to England but Nadia stayed back because they won’t allow her and she didn’t want to get back without her children.

She had lost two other children in a similar manner previous to these two girls, yet she goes on to have FIVE more children with him. This autobiography told by Zana, one of two young mccormivk sisters from Birmingham, whose father told them he was taking them abroad for a holiday, but instead sold them into marriage and slavery to boys they had never met and who lived in the Yemeni mountains. This is an updated edition of Vendia account of her experiences.


Please help by adding reliable sources. Books by Zana Muhsen. It took me a long of time to read the book and the edition I read didn’t help. I patricja like the cover of the book it gives you the idea oh,Muslim women being treated like slave but the story is about a bully father and from pg 15 you understand that her mom and dad are not married and her father goes to the pub with his friends so he is not practicing Muslim Quiere leer sobre conductas machistas extremas???

We can’t all write beautifully when we’re frazzled out of our minds. Their Dad, convinces the vendia to “go on vacation to visit family in Yemen”, where, upon their arrival at the relatives village, he sells them into marriage and returns to the UK. After eight years of misery and humiliation Zana succeeded in escaping, but her sister is still there, and it seems likely that she will now never leave the country where she has spent more than half her life.

To view it, click here. It is a grim tale of male rule in the Middle East and in the Islamic culture as we know of it.