May 8, 2020

Request PDF on ResearchGate | Libertarian Paternalism Is Not An Oxymoron | The idea of libertarian paternalism might seem to be an. In a recent article entitled “Libertarian paternalism is not an oxymoron”. 1. Cass. Sunstein and Richard Thaler challenge the common idea that. The idea of libertarian paternalism might seem to be an oxymoron, but it is both possible and legitimate for private and public institutions to affect behavior while .

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Grynbaum November 7, Have you read this? A religious nudger could similarly see it as pretty costless to encourage at-home parenting by banning having a nanny employed more than 3 days a week; a parent could always opt-out by hiring a second nanny.

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Please log in to set a read status Setting a reading intention helps you organise your reading. Bloomberg’s not banning Soda. This has resulted in an emphasis on a search for policies that help irrational individuals while having only a small or no impact on those who are paernalism.

Libertarian Paternalism Is Not an Oxymoron 70 University of Chicago Law Review

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But I think you are wrong about libertarianism. Ha – I was checking a working paper version that differed substantially from the one you’d cited – the titles were close, but they’re clearly different papers. In doing so they seek to obfuscate thinking and confuse people.


Came across a relevant passage from an article in the European Economic Review Haavio and Kotakorpi,political economy of sin taxes: Civility Refrain from name-calling, hostility, excessive partisanship or otherwise any behavior the derails the quality of the conversation. Don’t troll or engage in bad faith. Many of us may like this outcome but we should recognise that it is coercive on certain groups.

Look, the libertarian paradigm is ridiculous. The inflation that would result without these controls, however, would provoke far more damage and would ultimately be much more unpopular. We do not all subscribe to a single comprehensive philosophy but instead find common ground in shared sentiments and approaches to public policy Individual choice and markets are of paramount importance both as an expression of individual liberty and driving force of economic prosperity The state serves an important role in establishing conditions favorable to competition through preventing monopoly, providing a stable monetary framework, and relieving acute misery and distress Free exchange and movement between countries makes us richer and has led to an unparalleled decline in global poverty Public policy has global ramifications and should take into account the effect it has on people around the world regardless of nationality Policies we support include but are not limited to: Libertarian Paternalism Is Not an Oxymoron.

I have to throw this in.

Libertarian paternalism

January 16, at 3: Retrieved 4 July In short, anyone who buys such primitive arguments is the very rube that the soft paternalistic professions like advertisers, political strategists and public relations people target. Helping people make better choices, as oxymmoron by themselves, is really not a controversial goal, is it?


Those who are making an informed deliberate choice to put aside zero percent of their income in tax deferred savings still have this option, but those who were not saving simply out of inertia or due to procrastination are helped by higher default contribution rates. We do not all subscribe to a single comprehensive philosophy but instead find common ground in shared sentiments and approaches to public policy. Type Article Author s Cass R. I’m reminded of the Maori Party’s proposal that Maori voters be automatically enrolled on the Maori roll with the option of opting out.

Thaler and Sunstein published Nudgea book-length defense of this political doctrine, in new edition What such fantasies then generate is the obverse nonsense that any form of paternalism by the state is basically as bad as a forced labour camp or something similar.

Sunstein and Richard H. Posted by Eric Crampton at Applied to an opponent, it means the habit of impudently claiming that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts.