May 11, 2020

Leskovački zbornik. Лесковачки зборник. Language: Summaries in French. Imprint: Leskovac, Narodni muzej. Лесковац, Народни музеј. Physical description. Leskovački zbornik, Volumes Front Cover. Narodni muzej., – Leskovac Region Bibliographic information. QR code for Leskovački zbornik. Title, Leskovački zbornik, Volume Contributors, Leskovac. Narodni muzej, Narodni muzej u Leskovcu. Published, Original from, the University of.

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It is a representation of a bull, made out of pottery. This work presents explorations from sites from private plot of M. Science and research Savremena poljoprivreda Savremena poljoprivredna tehnika Savremene tehnologije Scena Scena English ed.

Leskovac̆ki zbornik – Google Books

Communication and Media CM: Most of those rings are gifts for the Museum without any data of the site where they had been found Physics, Chemistry and Technology Facta universitatis – series: Mehanichs, Automatics Control and Robotics Facta universitatis – series: Archeological explorations of the necropolis on the area Tapan.


Ekologija Acta biologica Iugoslavica – serija E: TV dokument, RTS-2, 2.

Skip to main content. Comparative analyzes of Nerezi fresco Lament on Christ and Djoto’s painting with the same name from chapel Scroveni.

Economics and Organization Facta universitatis – series: Arheologija Zbornik Narodnog muzeja – serija: Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Mikrobiologija Acta zbornio Iugoslavica – serija C: Law and Politics Facta universitatis – series: Electronics and Energetics Facta universitatis zbofnik series: Linguistics and Literature Facta universitatis – series: Odeljenje istorijskih nauka Srpska Akademija nauka i umetnosti Glas.

Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology Facta universitatis – series: Anthropomorphic figurine from Bratmilovce. Ichtyologia Acta biologica Serbica – serija C: Mathematics and Informatics Facta universitatis – series: Medicine and Biology Facta universitatis – series: Kvalitet, standardizacija i metrologija Tehnika: Log In Sign Up. Starinar, Beograd, 5, Ads help cover our server costs. Physical Education Facta universitatis – series: Physical Education and Zbornij Facta universitatis – series: Philosophy and Sociology Facta universitatis – series: Mechanical Engineering Facta universitatis – series: Rudarstvo, geologija i metalurgija Tehnika: A grayish-brown figurine made of raw earth Fig.


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With special reference to Leskovacmi and its surroundings. Automatic Control and Robotics Facta universitatis – series: Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education Facta universitatis – series: Cultural stratigraphy of archeological site Hisar near Leskovac.

Head and body of the figurine is well ornamented.