May 7, 2020

Editorial Reviews. Review. This is the first of E. E. “Doc” Smith’s six Lensman books, and although it isn’t as fast-paced as later Lensman novels. Triplanetary (The Lensman Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by E. E. Smith. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. This is the first of E. E. “Doc” Smith’s six Lensman books, and although it isn’t as fast-paced as later Lensman novels, it sets the stage for what is perhaps the.

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The Lenses, which kill anyone other than their owners rtiplanetary tries to wield them. Human military is therefore annihilated on first encounter. Spacemen have their own god, named Klono, who shows up in expletives like “Holy Klono’s tungsten teeth and curving carballoy claws! True in a psychological sense as well, at least for Clarissa, who at one point thinks that she’s competent enough wearing anything, or nothing at all for that matter, but when she’s in her “grays” she can hit “Service Maximum”.


Humanity, on the other hand, while having the fewest special strengthshad no specific weaknesses. The vast majority of Boskonia’s rank-and-file are unwitting pawns, totally in the dark about their state being run by a conspiracy of monstrous aliens. The Arisians and Eddorians do not engage in direct conflict with each other or with the lesser races, and instead work through cutouts and manipulation. The first time Kinnison ends up in Prime Base’s hospital, he’s one of these, constantly demanding non-hospital food and to be allowed more physical activity than he’s capable of doing.

The two powerful races that start the story in epically dense prosethe Eddoreans and the Arisians, encapsulate the ethos perfectly.

Triplanetary (Lensman, book 1) by E E ‘Doc’ Smith

In the early s, however, Smith wrote a lengthy prologue to an earlier and previously unrelated book of lenmsan named Triplanetaryas well as new material interspersed throughout the original story, which brought it into the Lensman universe.


The anomaly is immediately lampshaded in the film. Even when he’s infiltrating the bad guys’ organization to work his way up the hierarchy, Virgil Samms refuses to triplaanetary credit for work those under him did. Interesting more as a historical document than as literature, this includes the story which was the first Lensman story of classic science fiction.

I have to give the Lensman books at least four stars lenman their nostalgia value, and that they began me on a life of love for science fiction. I look forward to more of his renditions. Played straight; it’s a mistake of the latter type which costs Neal Triplandtary his wife and children though not at Cloud’s own hands; the mistake was made by a ‘bungling nitwit’ who is bluntly stated to have died in the attempt.

I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who didn’t like or want to understand ‘Campbellian’ SF.

The novel triplanteary several episodes in an eons-long human breeding project by the super-intelligences of the Arisians. First Lensmanthe last Lensman novel written by Smith, which finishes linking Triplanetary to the rest of the series.

Drug pushing seems to be regarded as the most serious of crimes; the punishment is either death or corrective psychological therapy. More like Casual Nuclear War, for lack of a better term.

This is not coincidental. They even drain the iron from buildings, spaceships, and human blood. Eddore and Arisia have been in conflict since before the dawn of man. A Bibliographic History, It’s quite badly written too.

Smith told the stories with a vibrancy that left the reader breathless at the adventure and heroism, with enough scientific gobbledygook to instill a sense of wonder – silvery teardrop shaped spacecraft powered by and ‘intertia-less’ drive that could fling them out of the solar system in a matter of seconds, ray guns that dealt death to the bad guys but only after refusing the chance to change their ways, of course and the mighty Lenses – weapon, communication device and symbol of the Galactic Patrol’s righteous power, handed to humanity triplanstary the ancient peace-loving alien civilisation the Arisians to fight the evil Eddorians.


It’s hard to summarize the plot, since it has such abrupt changes. It’s one I grew up with, several decades after its first app 3. The women are strong and intelligent, too – strong enough to tell the men off for being overly macho with a glint in their eyes that says leneman much they love it really elnsman smart enough to know that they should let the menfolk go off to do their duty while they stay behind to make sure the home is looked after. The Nevians decide that humans are inferior beings, and carve up both fleets using a ray that extracts every triplaneetary of free or combined iron in both sides’ ships and personnel into a red, liquid “allotropic iron”.

Old fashioned space opera. You need to login to do this. Kinnison does this mostly, triplaentary everything from dogs to worms to infiltrate enemy bases or perform critical tasks. Advanced embedding details, examples, trpilanetary help! The Eddorian master plan to dominate all life in the Universe is older than our own solar system.

I loved how it shaped hu I really liked triplanetagy book. No real sense of why they love each other or even how they related to each other before the novel began. Patrolman Conway Costigan and his friends engage in a space battle with Gray Roger the pirate gangster.