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LEGO Recycle Truck Set Instructions. Theme: LEGO Town. Item No, Set Number, BOID, Year Released, 30cm x 42cm x. 35 Items ItemName: Lego Recycle Truck, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and sell complete No box or instructions brand new band no recycle stickers. LEGO set database: Recycle Truck. Set number: ; Name: Recycle Truck; Also known as: Envirotruck; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Modern.

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Hey, you’re really churning out a whole bunch of models now. About the red technic bush, it will fit if you rotate the “fuel tank” instructoons upwards a bit which forces you to move some other bits and pieces as well, so it’s a bit awkward. About the technic long pin, I see you’ve bumped in to that problem. Yeah, it’s because the designers at TLG are using illegal techniques, even if they are not supposed to. These kind of problems were worse a few years ago, but it seems TLG has gotten better laterly.

Still it’s interesting you find one as late as I’ve also included a posed version that shows the walker walking, just for fun.

Click on the image for larger version. Image of straight-leg version. I read this and thought for a moment, “LDD has the ability to animate? I feel like maybe you mean to say “posed” or “articulated” unless there is yet another layer to Instructionw that we can unlock with enough knowledge of assembly and hex.

LEGO 6668 Recycle Truck / Dust Cart C/w Box And Instructions 1992

Had nothing to do, so I did the flexi-stuff. A bit tricky it was. I had this finished on Legp, but didn’t insfructions time to post it before heading out for the weekend What trickery did you do to place that “conical wheel z12” in the far back?

In my model it would not fit due to a collision with the cross axle above it, and while it fits in your model I can still see the collision.

The most time i spend on this model was aligning all gears so they would fit. At first i planned to do the back tilted like in the instructions, but after like 2 hours i gave up and it sill took me like 1 hour or so that get it like it’s displayed now. Sounds exactly like my experience while building this model. I had just built the in LDD and I had same problem of placing on its proper position. Would you mind telling me the way to place it?

Hm, not sure I remember since I was fiddling around a lot. First I took away all the bricks so that I could position the flex-rod in i. Then I positioned the other end of the flex-bar in the up in the roof. This tooks some moving the mouse around and finaly it snapped.


I can’t really remember, but I think I nudged it slowly in place in the Use an external file hosting service to host the files, such as brickshelf. The old intercoastal seaport, with crane which readily falls over. Making this up was not so easy, as many parts do not exist and had to be replaced with alternatives see list below.

Errors also include wrong stickers and mini-fig decals. I was kind of wondering how others did this But like described above, I also delete most of the surrounding bricks to minimize things getting in the way – but I do this using a “copy” of the entire structure.

This allows me to make all sorts of changes that would most likely screw up the surrounding structure – but on a copy, who cares?

LEGO Recycle Truck Set 6668 Instructions

Once the flexible piece is in the proper shape, it can easily be moved into place. Another seaport, shares a lot of similarities withbut many strange differences in the harbour and boat designs. Obviously a time of ‘reinvent the wheel’.

An old classic, only two hooklift vehicles were made; the recycle truck, and the container truck in train Here is the little recycle truck.

My name is Anders Gaasedal and I am the designer of the A-model. I have just seen the LDD model you created and must say you’ve done a magnificent job. I hope you had as much fun recreating it in LDD as I had designing it.

What a nice surprise. No errors in this, I don’t think, and all the part numbers are correct too. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account?

Prev 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 Next Levo 78 of Posted August 18, Technic – Tractor [Vers 02] – Instuctions Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted August 18, edited. Posted August 19, I’ve also included an animated version that shows the walker walking, just for fun.

Posted August 21, edited. Edited August 21, by P4trickvH. Posted August 21, You can find all the rules of the topic in the first page. I rotated the shaft above it 45 degrees and that did the trick. Posted August 24, A bit tricky it was You can download the file and update your post if you want. Posted August 25, Posted August 26, edited. Posted August 26, Hi vean, welcome on EB and in this topic. To post a new set in this topic, you have to read the rules you can find in the first page.


About your post you should: Forum’s attachment function is not much suitable for this kind of use.

Posted August 27, edited. Instrjctions File Errors The crane supports are custom made insturctions bricks, and not the single Big Ugly Piece The tyres for the truck and tractor are wrong; but alternatives are used. The motorbike in the container is just plain wrong; and even then had to be hacked to make a legal fit.

The crane jib does fit together with green highlights, but may not be future proof. The rear window of the truck is a custom made piece with a 1×4 hinge plate vertical. The plate with ball vertical, down does not seem to exist, so is a custom hack. The top of the boat bow does not exist so is made of custom plates, shown instructionz red. The jib of the boat crane does not seem to exist, so is made of custom plates, but coloured white for now.

Probably more, but the general gist is correct. Truck Edited September 4, by roamingstudio. Posted August instructiond, Posted August 28, Posted August 28, edited. No hose pipe which flexes for the cargo engine No correct tyres for the truck, tractor and forklift.

No correct forklift piece – the modern replacement is used.

Peeron: Recycle Truck (#)

However it requires additional plates to complete the submodel, highlighted in green. No correct 2×2 plate with single wheel underneath modern replacement used.

Probably some more, but it leo as complete as possible. Diesel Engine Container Reefer Refrigerated Container Posted August 30, edited.

Town An old classic, only two hooklift vehicles were made; the recycle truck, and the container truck in train Incorrect minifig decals as always Edited August 30, by roamingstudio.

Posted August 31, Got a mail today that I was asked instrcutions post here: Posted September 1, edited. Edited September 2, by prateek. Train Duplicate No building errors or decals, but only 1 substituted part road plate. Edited September 1, by Calabar “Duplicate” tag added. Lsgo an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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