May 17, 2020

Lamsa Bible – New Testament. 37 · 38 · 39 · 40 · 41 · 42 · 43 · 44 · 45 · 46 · 47 · 48 · 49 · , based on Peshitta manuscripts. The Lamsa Bible is supposedly a translation of the Aramaic Peshitta Bible, authored by occultist George Lamsa. He was a very sly man. He used as his base text. The Lamsa Bible is a primary English translation of the Peshitta, so since most Americans are not versed in the Aramaic, it’s most likely the believer will.

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The powerful and anointed translation team of English scholars who brought us the Authorized Version were devout believers in Jesus Christand they were provided with the funding and the political freedom to undertake the massive task of accurately translating the Word of God in fear and trembling.

English-language translations of the Bible. As in the previous case, in his perverse translation, Lamsa has transformed the devilish deity into the womb of a foreign woman: Lamxa many scholars hold that the sources of the New Testament and early oral traditions of fledgling Christianity were, indeed, in Aramaic, the Peshitta appears to have been strongly influenced by the Byzantine reading of the Greek manuscript tradition, and is in a dialect of Syriac that is much younger than that which was contemporary to Jesus.

This is a fundamental thou shalt not, telling the Israelites they are not to follow the deity known as Moloch or Molech also related to Milcomand what pesbitta happen to them if they disobey this primary commandment. Lamsa’s testament is named on the title page as “The Lamsa Bible,” and makes the claim that it was directly translated from the “original Aramaic sources.

George Lamsa & The Peshitta | Christian Media Research

This view is based on the work of George M. In an age when we still have God’s inspired Word in the form of the King James Versionthere is absolutely no valid reason to consider utilizing a corrupted version of the Holy Scriptures.


The fact is, Milcom and Molech are one and the same, so with his bizarre treatment of the Levitical reference and the the foreign women fallacy, Lamsa painted himself into a corner with his dubious translation. Please understand, the issue here is not whether or not a person believes race mixing is acceptable, the issue is, if you seek to make the Scriptures conform to your individual point of view, you have committed yourself to the Spirit of Antichris t. In the fashion we’ve grown to expect of occultists, he changes Christ’s identity from the only begotten Son of God to the Lord’s “first-born” in John 1: It reveals nothing of the early stages of the Peshitta’s development which is a matter of controversy.

There are many other examples which may be cited, but I believe I’ve made my lwmsa.

However, Lamsa translated the same verse as. As an ambassador of Nestoriannot biblical culture, Lamsa became a cultic figure in his own right. He was born in Mar Bishu in what is now peshtta extreme east of Turkey.

At Christian Mediathe Holy Ghost has taught us that the person pitching the Peshitta to you will also be the one of your acquaintance who always seems to gravitate towards some new variation of false doctrine, the latest challenge to the truth of the New Testament, or some other aberrational development. This page was last edited on 14 Octoberat Lamsa thus claimed his translation was superior to versions based on later Greek manuscripts.

Christian Media Research

With the financial backing of another benefactor, Mrs. A similar juxtaposition may be seen in another ,amsa Testament passage where the LORD restates the prohibition against giving one’s seed, or offspring, to the heathen god Moloch: Without a doubt, the George Lamsa version, and the Aramaic Peshitta on which it rests, are corrupted versions of God’s Word.

Lamsa, following the tradition of his churchclaimed that the Aramaic New Testament was written before the Lasa version, a view known as Aramaic primacy. This verse in Greek manuscripts states that from the Cross, Jesus quoting Psalm And about the ninth hour, Jesus cried out with a loud voice and said, Eli, Eli lemana shabakthan!


The result was the abomination known as the Lamsa translation. At this juncture, I might mention that I’ve repeatedly pointed out how doctrinal error is never random, but is instead systemic.

George Lamsa – Wikipedia

Thus, the whole point of the lajsa was not about foreign women per se, it was about the practices of the heathen that would then infect the LORD’s people, and sacrificing one’s child to the heathen god Moloch was at the top of the “do not do this” list. Bible translations into English Bible portal. This passage is no exception.

We may even conclude that God has allowed these newly discovered manuscripts and recent publications of already known scripts to come before us to prove the authenticity of what we already had. The Syriac of the Peshitta is not the language of coastal Syria around Antioch, pdshitta was evangelized in the first century A. He or she is the one who is always.

This contrasts with the academic consensus that the language of the New Testament was Prshitta. Retrieved from ” https: In the Christian Evangelical apologetics research ministry Christian Research Institute asserted in a published review that several pehitta Lamsa’s theological positions and interpretations were not supported by the Bible. The “high places” were locales of worship, as opposed to some heathen harlot’s bed, as posed by Lamsa’s outrageous version.

More data on the Peshitta, and other aberrant manuscripts may also be found in Satanic Translations: