June 29, 2020

Order your own copy of Across the Burning Sands at your local retailer or online through our 31 Oct Legend of the Five Rings Fiction. A collectible card game (CCG) set in the world of Rokugan (the same as L5R) that has got a definite Middle-eastern feeling to it. Think of nights and you got. L5R Legend of the Burning Sands *OP [Dan Comrie, Jed Carlton, Shawn Carman, Douglas Sun, Lucas Twyman] on *FREE* shipping on.

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Exclusive Interview Angelo M. Well, I’m just a games journalist. I can’t answer these questions; however my job is to find someone who can! So once again we have Todd Rowland, brand manager of Legend of the Five Rings here to answer some of the big questions that you, the fans, have asked me!

How has LBS survived after the game has ceased production? It did not have the same mechanics, but similar. Where L5R operated on honor, in the sands, water is life.

The game had a natural timer in the amount of water available on the table. Once the water ran out, cards started dying.

Burning Sands

Win militarily before the water is gone, or dry out your opponent through raiding. Dueling was also different, as you didn’t focus then perform a single strike as in an iaijustu duel, but rather a flurry of attacks in a knife fight. How have they affected the L5R world thus far?

The largest is the Moto family of the Unicorn Clan. Originally the Moto did not exist in L5R.

They were people who stayed behind from the Unicorn’s travels early in the history of the world. They had evolved their own culture, similar to that of Mongolian raiders.

Behind the Moto are the Jackals. This group of criminals, necromancers, and other miscreants ran the underworld of the Burning Sands. It coincided with the fall of the original Sun and Moon in L5R coincidence? There have been one or two gaijin who came down from the sands, but they were few and far between. Little has been heard from the people of the sands, given the shakeup they faced and the natural xenophobia of the samurai of Rokugan.


Legend of the Burning Sands RPG (L5R) by Dan Comrie

The Burning Sands is a very mysterious place for the average L5R player, only known about in rumor and hearsay. Sanrs have stated that you are definitely not re-releasing LBS.

If that is the case, how exactly is LBS coming back? There may always be a few characters that come and go, and with LBS becoming a larger plot element I would not be surprised to see a few more appear. They would be original design if they come out.

Unfortunately many of the heroes of LBS died in The Awakening, and those who are still alive, such as Adnan and the Monkey Man who did cross over to L5R recently, the first bearer of dire omens are very very old. Combined with the fact that LBS had some mechanics L5R does not, such as buening costs, water raiding, knife dueling, etc. Yes, the Rokugani samurai are extremely anti-non-Rokugani.

There would of course be an honor loss associated with bringing him into play, as associating with one of these foreigners would be looked down upon.

Burning Sands | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Other than that, mechanics would likely play to whatever area the character originated from. Yodotai would be very militaristic with strong group abilities. Ra’shari would have strange curses to put on their enemies. The Jackals we’ve already seen would have power over the dead, etc. But again, this is all speculation. LBS was known for having its own clan structure, much like L5R. How will you fit this into the current L5R meta game? Well, the assumption in your question is they will be an active part in the meta-game itself.

They may very well simply be a catalyst for it, which would not put them actively in the game. What sort of events will you plan around LBS coming back? What is the first expansion you see LBS themed cards coming out in? Again, it depends on if they do or they don’t, you’ll just have to watch. Will cards centered around LBS have different mechanics than ones centered around Rokugan? Legendd so how so? Again, it would likely relate to where the person in question originated.


L5R is famous for its support of the many clans bruning in the game. Will players now be able to align themselves with the factions of LBS?

Will you be supporting fan created pages and building community for the people of the burning sands as well? As to what players do, regarding player samds, sites, forums, etc. Though anyone who has been around knows that when these things are well done, it does catch our attention.

What sort of threat is this? What conflict is arising? What clan is in the most trouble in your opinion? Oh man, you think I can answer this one? Let’s go ahead and get the new Emperor on the Throne with the Race for the Throne then we’ll worry about the new threats. However, the astute L5R players can go back as far as year, year and half perhaps, in the L5R story and flavor and find references to who it may be.

We like to leave extremely subtle hints. Is ghe meta game going to take a swing in any one direction when LBS comes back? Well, the meta-game being one of two things. If you mean the meta game in the sense of how do individual tournaments play out, well our designers are continuing to tune L5R into the most fun it can be. So in that regard LBS may not have a major impact as continual improvement is l5g on sabds radar.

Many L5R Players assume it’s going to be some massive invasion. I’m not saying it isn’t, but I also wouldn’t put away the possibility of something more subtle, and yet far more dangerous. Finally, is there anything else you would like to let our TCGplayer fans know? Just thank you for your interest and support of L5R.

We hope we’ll see you at the shows this summer. We’d love to sit you down for a game. More secrets will be revealed in those pages, just as more rhe will be raised. TCGplayer will be there in full force as well.