August 10, 2020

Damballa, an Internet security company has some “not so good news.” The title of their article pretty much tells it all: Kraken BotArmy—Twice as. Kraken botnet The Kraken botnet was the world’s largest botnet as of April Researchers say that Kraken infected machines in at least 50 of the Fortune. The Kraken botnet, believed by many to be the single biggest zombie network until it was dismantled last year, is staging a comeback that has.

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Inner workings of Kraken botnet analysed

The Kraken botnet attracted attention at the RSA security conference because of its size — estimated at somedrones.

In early April it was reported that so far the botnet is mostly used to send out spam — the usual fare of promos for online pharmacies, penis extension, online casinos, loans, and the like. Several security companies have analysed the bot software. McAfee has observed increasingly refined cloaking techniques in the Kraken drones.

While older variants of the virus communicated with other drones using UDP portthe new versions use randomly selected UDP ports as well as TCP ports 80 and for communication.

They also want to release an analysis module for Wiresharkbut so far they have only offered a command line tool to analyse intercepted botnet traffic.

Researchers at PCTools have studied the algorithms that the drones use to generate these domain names. The results of this analysis make it easier to identify new variants of the Kraken bot and to adapt antivirus recognition routines and signatures to them. So maybe the botnet can be hit where it hurts — Thorston Holz and his researchers at the University of Mannheim have already succeeded in demonstrating on the Storm worm botnet that this can be done.


Kraken Botnet Twice The Size Of Storm – Darknet

Cross-site scripting XSS is one of the biggest problems faced by webmasters. Our associate’s discovery that URLs sent through Skype are then visited by Microsoft has caused quite a stir. Service Pack 3 includes numerous enhancements for virtualisation and, by adding Secure Boot support and new drivers, beefs up support for newer hardware. Systemd now takes care of containers and assigning network names. A second SSD caching framework and support for the new Radeons’ video decoder are two of the most important enhancements in Linux 3.

The news has been full of talk of spying, whistleblowing and data mining. Systems with Intel graphics will wake from standby faster.

News, Tips, and Advice for Technology Professionals – TechRepublic

The problem of creating funding in a new software business is a major one, and doubly so for open source based companies. Michael Widenius recently described his solution to the problem, “Business Source”, claiming it delivers “most of the benefits of open source”. Kernel developers have toned down an over-eager feature for protecting against the Samsung UEFI bug and added a function for reducing timer interrupt overhead.


An application’s version-controlled source code is stored in the repository. Why not that of the database?

Consistent unit testing is a basic quality requirement in modern software rdevelopment. Mocha is a framework for writing and executing such tests in Node. On 24 Februarythe Ruby community celebrated the 20th birthday of its programming language.

The Linux Mint project has announced “the most ambitious release since the start of the project”. Linux Mint 15 promises a focus on the desktop that Ubuntu has been neglecting lately. The Linux kernel is finally able to use SSDs as hard-disk cache. Changes to the network subsystem promise to improve the way server jobs are distributed across multiple processor cores. For a large number of internet users the current challenge is finding a replacement for Google Reader.

TrueCrypt is bptnet the software of choice for encrypting data.

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NSA director to speak at hacker conference.

Kraken Botnet Twice The Size Of Storm

Java EE 7 at a glance. A better Ubuntu for the desktop.

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