May 1, 2020

Buy mm Knauf Safeboard, a specialised X-ray shielding plasterboard with a barium sulphate core. X-ray protection together with fire and acoustic. Construction. Knauf X-ray Shielding Partitions Safeboard are metal stud partitions consisting of a single met- al stud frame with a cladding of Knauf Safeboard. Knauf Safeboard is a radiation-protection board with barium sulphate, an effective stopper of X-ray radiation. Walls no longer need lead linings to protect against.

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Knauf – Safeboard

Go to My Account to view your projects. Knauf Safebpard Joint Filler is used to fill knaf to complete the radiation shield. Designing the mental health dialogue: I have read and knaauf your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. We now have a ready-made product with excellent properties and the ability to accommodate architectural detailing with ease.

It effectively and significantly reduces the amount of lead needed within X-ray shielding partitions and, in many cases, removes the need for the use of lead altogether.

Knauf Drywall View company profile. Each board is rigorously tested to ensure radiation tightness so you can be confident the product is suitable for use within hospitals, dentists and veterinary practices. Knauf Aquapanel Interior Cement Board is an extremely durable tile backer providing peace of mind Aquapanel Exterior Brochure- the ideal render carrier board. Each board is thoroughly X-rayed on the production line to ensure radiation-tightness.

It safebkard simply be scored and snapped then fixed into place before the application of Knauf Safeboard Joint Filler and finished with Knauf Airless spray-applied plaster.

Add to Project Board Choose from existing project boards below: A new core formulation makes a specialist plasterboard from Knauf Drywall a real alternative to lead-based radiation shielding for X-ray facilities in healthcare and other sectors. Sign up for our newsletter for a weekly dose of building product news Sign up for our newsletter Name. Sign in to your account. Floor screeds, board form. Knauf Drywall manufactures a full range of plasters, plasterboards, insulating laminates, dry flooring, drywall accessories, and metal sections for domestic, commercial and public sector applications.


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Safeboard Brochure

Visit Knauf Drywall’s website. Knauf X-Ray Partitions can be inexpensively designed to suit mobile X-ray apparatus, and can be retro-fitted or removed far more easily than traditional lead-lined partitions. Aquapanel Interior Brochure – the perfect tile backing board.

With our drywall systems already an established part of modern hospital construction, this complementary solution for specialist areas will be a boon to specifiers and dry lining contractors on new-build projects or subsequent alterations, ensuring compliance with the strict safety requirements for radiation areas. Knauf Safeboard is simple to install as it can be scored and snapped like knquf standard plasterboard.

Knauf Safeboard is an X-ray resistant plasterboard with safeboatd sulphate in its core. Make an enquiry to Knauf Drywall Name. Select a download to view more details:.

Knauf Aquapanel Exterior is ideal for use on timber frame, timber battens and metal framed struct The flexibility to redesign interior layouts and to build in changes of use to rooms is increasingly important when considering modern, future-adaptable healthcare projects.

What is your job safevoard Yellow-cored Safeboard has been recognised by the Construction Products Association as one of the most innovative products of the year.

12.5mm Knauf Safeboard (X-ray resistant plasterboard)

New Knauf Safeboard is a Knauf Safeboard brings X-ray protection together with fire and acoustic saffboard in one easy-to-install board. Other content by this manufacturer: Register for free for an account. Advice on the specification of modular or cascade heating systems for non-domestic buildings 24 August, Add to projects Like.


Knauf Safeboard is a simple and highly effective alternative to lead sheeting in the walls of X ray facilities in medical, dental, veterinary and industrial environments. Share this Product News Email to a friend. F E info knauf.

Safeboard Brochure

The construction may be finished with a layer of Save companies and products to your shortlist and contact multiple companies through a single enquiry. Designing the Mental Health Dialogue 13 November, At the Peninsula Dental School in Plymouth m 2 of Knauf Safeboard was used and received a vote of confidence by the NHS radiology department who witnessed the installation on-site at various stages. kauf

Government bans the use of combustible materials in new high-rise buildings above 18m 2 October, You may also be interested in this related Product News: It can be cut to size using the score and snap technique. The distinctive yellow core of the barium sulphate within the plasterboard is the vital ingredient which blocks X-rays across the entire surface area. Portakabin eases pressure on hospital services in Hampshire 24 July, Safeboard constructions also provide excellent acoustic insulation and fire resistance.

Wates Living Space has housing insulation wrapped up in Sheffield. Other downloads by this company. Knauf Drywall also actively promotes recycling from building sites and has a zero waste policy in its energy efficient factories at Sittingbourne in Kent and Immingham on Humberside.

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