September 11, 2020

Troubleshooting KiXtart. Introduction. KiXtart provides extensive logging of. KiXtart Command Reference. Bold items are new to this release. KiXtart Function Reference. Bold items are new to this release.

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See the paragraph on pre-tokenizing for more details.

Also, these faults can be caused by antivirus software. To include quotation marks in a string, either use the CHR function, or enclose the entire string in quotation marks.

For example, if Kix The KiXtart web kixrart has the complete documentation for all commands and functions that are kixyart your disposal, and you can download them in a variety of formats I recommend the CHM format from http: To get started, simply follow these steps:.

Prevents KiXtart from displaying a console window.

KiXtart Command Reference

By default, Mamual automatically looks for a personal script for the current user ” Username. On the File menu, click Propertiesand then click Profile. Display KiXtart command line usage. DLL on the system. This option enables you to specify a password to encrypt or decrypt a pre-tokenized script. Open Users and Computers and select the user.

KiXtart Function Reference

Running KiXtart KiXtart can be run manually or automatically during the logon sequence. Refreshes the group-membership cache. In this example I also introduced variables, manuak are specified with the dollar sign. Also check the event log or kixtart.

  D.P.R.120 03 PDF

How about some practical examples of what you can do with KiXtart:. Now the network share is only mapped if the user is in the Creates a printer connection depending on the kixtsrt membership of the user Maps network shares depending on the group membership Displays a warning message if the latest service pack is not installed Maps another network share only ,anual the user is in a certain IP network Display a warning if the password is older than days 1.

In User Manager, select the user. Note that KiXtart no longer uses the “. In the Logon Script Name box, type “Kix32”.

Enclose literals in quotation marks. Route 66 was a US highway that connected Chicago with Los Angeles or vice versawith a total length of almost miles for the rest of world using the metric system: In debug mode, the top line of the screen is used to display the current line in the script starting at the current statement.

Get your KIX on route 66 – Powerful (login) scripts made easy with KiXtart

If you use antivirus software, make sure you are using the latest version and if the problem persists, test if disabling the antivirus software solves the problem. In order to display a dynamic message, we can get the last character and evaluate it. KiXtart also supports Windows 9x clients, if you are in the unfortunate position to take advantage of that functionality. For information about valid variable names and values, see “Dynamic Program Mqnual later in this document.


In debug mode, a script can be executed statement by statement, the value of variables or macros can be displayed, and you can execute arbitrary script commands. With KiXtart, you can have one central login script that can adjust dynamically to the user, location, operating system or even the computer itself. You can override this behavior by specifying one manuxl more scripts after Kix KiXtart provides a basic debug facility. The global state of KiXtart is maintained as long as the KiXtart process runs.

Query registry values or log information to the kixtar log.

Here is an overview: We can use the CSD variable to get the service pack information: To run KiXtart manually. KiXtart also includes a variety of functions for handling strings.

Display a warning based on the service pack number KiXtart also includes a variety of functions for handling strings. How about some practical examples of what you can do with KiXtart: