May 22, 2020

Hubungan Pengetahuan dengan Sikap terhadap Operasi Katarak pada Pasien Katarak Senilis di RSUP Dr. Kariadi Semarang. Fifin L. Rahmi • Sofia Arditya K. Karakteristik penderita katarak senilis yang dilakukan tindakan pembedahan katarak di RSUP H. Adam Malik Medan tahun PERBANDINGAN SENSIBILITAS KORNEA SEBELUM DAN SESUDAH OPERASI FAKOEMULSIFIKASI PADA PASIEN KATARAK SENILIS.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Corneal edema and cystoid macular edema are less serious but more common, and occur because of persistent swelling at the front of the eye in corneal edema or back of the eye in cystoid macular edema. Diabetessmoking tobaccoprolonged exposure to sunlightalcohol [1].

The risk of either occurring is around one in Serious side effects are rare. Sunflower cataract of a 40 years old male with Wilson’s disease and decompensated CLD. ECCE is less frequently performed than phacoemulsification, but can be useful when dealing with very hard cataracts or other situations where emulsification is problematic.

N-Acetylcarnosine drops have been investigated as a medical treatment for cataracts. There is no difference of visual outcome post senile cataract surgery between operation done by ophthalmologist and the one which is done by resident in independent stage as surgeon in dr. Cigarette smoking has been shown to double the rate of nuclear sclerotic cataracts and triple the rate of posterior subcapsular cataracts. Phacoemulsification is the most widely used cataract surgery in the developed world.

YAG laser capsulotomy, after the type of laser used. This surgery is increasingly popular in the developing world where access to phacoemulsification is still limited.


To compare corneal sensibility before and after phacoemulsification surgery. Most of the methods mentioned focus on hygiene.

Corneal sensibility before the surgery were obtained before the patients enter the operating room, while the data after surgery were obtained at the first day and eighth day. Archived from the original on February 18, Corneal sensibility before surgery, first day, and eighth day after the surgery were 4,89 cm, 4,29 cm, and 4,71 cm respectively.


Retrieved 11 March Conjunctivitis allergic Pterygium Pinguecula Subconjunctival hemorrhage. Although “small”, the incision is still markedly larger than the portal in phacoemulsion.

Cataract – Wikipedia

Archived from the original PDF on April 6, Cataracts may be partial or complete, stationary or progressive, or hard or soft. Nuclear sclerosis and posterior polar cataract of a 60 year old female. Retinal detachment frequently presents with unilateral visual field defects, blurring of vision, flashes of light, or floating spots.

British Journal of Ophthalmology. The mean value for total lens glutathione level of senile diabetic cataract is 0. Sixty percent of the patients were male and aged 60 years or above. Nearly every person who undergoes a vitrectomy —without ever having had cataract surgery—will experience progression of nuclear sclerosis after the operation.

The mean value for lens reduced form of glutathione level of senile diabetic cataract is 0. In MSICS, the lens is removed through a self-sealing scleral tunnel wound in the sclera which, ideally, is watertight and does not require suturing. Agingtraumaradiation exposurefollowing eye surgery [1] [4]. The laser can be aimed very accurately, and the small part of the capsule which is cut falls harmlessly to the bottom of the inside of the eye. The purpose of this research was to analyze the correlation between knowledge and attitude regarding cataract surgery among senilecataract patients in Dr.

An example of normal vision on the left versus vision with cataracts on the right. Journal of the American Medical Association. Sixteen samples were taken for each group.

Diabetes mellitus is a systemic condition affecting numerous organs other than the eye. Muslim ophthalmologist Ammar Al-Mawsiliin his Choice of Eye Diseaseswritten circawrote of his invention of a syringe and the technique of cataract extraction while experimenting with it on a patient. Cataract is caused by the metabolism disturbance in lens that result in disturbance of light refraction to retina.


Congenital cataract, which may be detected in adulthood, has a different classification and includes lamellar, polar, and sutural cataracts. Blunt trauma causes swelling, thickening, and whitening of the lens fibers.

Indonesian Journal of Public Health. In this system, cataracts are classified based on type as nuclear, cortical, or posterior. Asthenopia Hemeralopia Photophobia Scintillating scotoma. The risk of endophthalmitis occurring after surgery is less than one in Conjugate gaze palsy Convergence insufficiency Internuclear ophthalmoplegia One and a half syndrome.

The incidence is increasing over time in a somewhat linear manner, and the risk increase lasts for at least 20 years after the procedure. They normally improve with time and with application of anti-inflammatory kataraj.


Examples of single-gene disorder include Alport’s syndromeConradi’s syndromecerebrotendineous xanthomatosismyotonic dystrophyand oculocerebrorenal syndrome or Lowe syndrome.

YAG laser can also then break up the cataract as in phacoemulsification. Article Tools Print this article. Intracapsular cataract extraction ICCE swnilis rarely performed.

The data was obtained from medical record of senile cataract patiens of dr.

Sophisticated three-dimensional images of the eyes can be used to guide lasers to make these incisions. The severity of cataract formation, assuming no other eye disease is present, is judged primarily by a visual acuity test.