September 13, 2020

Kaohsiung Rapid Transit System is a rapid transit and light rail system covering the .. Kaohsiung Future LRT Network Map · Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation – official website (in Chinese); Mass Rapid Transit Bureau of Kaohsiung City. Provide the fastest way to query the Kaohsiung MRT route and fare. Kaohsiung MRT Map. QR Code Please consider the information provided on the official Kaohsiung MRT website correct in case of any change in this.

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> Asia > Taiwan > Kaohsiung Metro

Gangshan South station was opened for passenger service on 23 December Metro map of Kaohsiung. The Central Park Station has also been ranked as the fourth most beautiful metro stations in the world by the same US travel site. Investigation revealed kickbacks to politicians by the contractor. Construction of the third line: In some stations along the Red Lines like the Formosa Boulevard Station and the Kaohsiung International Airport Station, Japanese is also used in the transfer notification broadcast to assist Japanese travellers.

The light rail transit LRT system consists of one line with 14 stations and a length of 8. Archived from the original on 29 September Notify me of new comments via email. Phase I of construction work began in and it is expected to start commuting passengers from the mid of Planned Wufu 4th Rd.

kwohsiung Coffee is really nice but the huge and attractive 3D drawing outside the shop will definitely steal your attention. Starting from Sizihwan station in the west it runs through the center part of the city and ends at Daliao station in the east. The R1, R2, and O3 stations were planned originally but never built. Whereas, for MRT service in Taipei, more stringent rules are in place in view of its much higher metro usage.



Kaohsiung MRT Map

The Kaohsiung City Mass Rapid Transit Bureau was officially established into coincide with kaohsung project’s move into the final scoping and detail design stages. Help us If you consider that the information we provide is wrong, not accurated, outdated, translation contains errors, and you would like to help us to improve the file Construction accidents delayed the opening of the MRT considerably from the originally planned December date.

Kaohsiung Rapid Transit System.

All underground stations have full height platform screen doors. Bikes are only allowed to board the train if:. The above ticket pricing schemes apply to cash only. One day it came to mind that should I continue to work in a fast lane or take a break. The total length of Red Line is approximately Then the route passes through Banpingshan, extends along Zuonan Road to ,ap Export Processing Zone, and continues into parts of the city formerly part kaihsiung Kaohsiung County.

Passengers can get on and off the LRT easily and this should serve as a convenient means of travel within various zones of the Pier-2 Art Centre. The subway stations are uniquely decorated.

Kaohsiung Rapid Transit – Wikipedia

Train ticket for bike carried on Kaohsiung MRT. Phase I had operations on September Platform screen doors were supplied by ST Electronics have been installed at all underground stations.

Kaohsiung MRT – Red line. The MRT is made up of two lines with 37 stations covering a distance of Construction began in Octoberwith 66 shield tunnels No Screen Doors Platforms: Carrying bicycle in the metro services is one of the convenient features that I treasured.


You may click here for my visit to the first one, the Cueihua Bike Bridge. A circular Light Rail Line is being constructed to serve the central part of the city. Feel free to contact us if you dont find the system you’re looking for and we’ll add it as soon as we can! Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corp. They resemble people coming all over to pray for peace.

This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat These special tickets are available only by passenger information counters. Kaohsiung is an important commercial hub and international port. Inout of the three consortia that submitted bids, Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation KRTC was awarded the contract, receiving priority negotiating rights with the city government in constructing the system. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Rapid transit in Taiwan. The main participants of the KRTC are: Rapid transitlight rail. The whole route is Gangshan South station was connected on December 23, As it was simply for demonstration purposes, it was closed soon after, and is no longer operational. In Augusta section of subway tunnel near Sizihwan MRT station at the west end of the Orange line collapsed during construction due to loose sand underground and water break-ins.

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