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Princess Juliana Anicia (), daughter of the Anicius Olybrius, Emperor of the is available in facsimile and is now referred to as the Juliana Anicia Codex . PDF | The Greek pharmacopeia of Pedanius Dioscorides (20–70 CE), entitled Peri Ylis Ialikis (latinized as De Materia Medica, On Medical. Ancient Greek Illustrated Dioscoridean Herbals: Origins and Impact of the Juliana Anicia Codex and the Codex Neopolitanus. Article (PDF.

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File:Kestron fol 194v Juliana Anicia Codex – Betonica officinalis.jpg

Whence Juliana, the glory of her blessed parents, inheriting their royal blood in the fourth generation, did not disappoint the hopes of the empress, the mother of a noble race, but raised this from a small temple to its present size and beauty. The julina also being urinary is applied to stir up sexual intercourse [aphrodisiac].

Eudocia the empress, eager to honor God, first built here a temple of Polyektos the servant of God. Vellum parchment ; Paint Donor: Following the two miniatures of seven pharmacologists, there are two author portraits.

Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index

This particularly applies to the abortifacients mentioned in the manuscript, most of which contain toxins considered dangerous in the required doses. The enthroned Anicia is flanked by personifications of Magnanimity and Prudence. There is no evidence that they met, and Pliny may not have read Dioscorides’ work.


The background of these portraits is golden, another first for this codex – being the earliest known manuscript to use a solid gold background. Each of the figures is a self-contained portrait and was probably modeled on authors’ portraits from the various authors’ treatises.

Dioscorides prescribed its stem as a sedative and its berries as diuretics. Anicia and her attendants are enclosed within an eight-point star within a circle all formed of intertwined rope.

Cultivated and wild carrots from the Juliana Jupiana Codex of Some of the birds contained in the full-page miniature in the third book are not described in the julana of the paraphrase. The early Middle Ages is a murky period in history for the study of vegetables, but a copy of the Codex of Dioskorides dating from to ad is illuminated with pictures of plants.

The encircling inscription proclaims Juliana as a great patron of art.

Feminae: Details Page

According to Dioscorides, absinthe was a popular summertime drink in Propontis and Thracia, where they believed it maintained good health. The encircling inscription proclaims Juliana as a great patron of art” Wikipedia article coddex Anicia Juliana, accessed It expels the menstrual flow, is an abortifacient, induces the flow of urine, and frees one from griping, relieving old coughs.

In Honour of E. Home What is Feminae? It has a rough upright stalk with a tuft similar to dill on which are white flowers, and in the midst something small of a purple colour and of almost a saffron colour. Staphylinos Keras The cultivated carrot. According to Dioscorides, its shape revealed its purpose as an antidote for snakebites.


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The leaves, pounded into small pieces with honey and applied, clean ulcers that spread. Within the outer spandrels of the star are puttidone in grisailleworking as masons and carpenters. For almost two millenia Dioscorides was regarded as the ultimate authority on plants and medicine.

The manuscript was presented to Anicia out of gratitude for her funding the construction of a church in the suburbs of Constantinople. The JAC contains paintings of plants including many horticultural crops, many of which can still be recognized in modern day examples.

The manuscript was restored and a table of contents and extensive scholia added in Byzantine Greek minusculeby the patriarchal notary John Chortasmenos in juliiana Although she resolutely opposed the Monophysite leanings of Emperor Anastasiusshe permitted her son Olybrius to marry the Emperor’s niece. The seven figures are contained within an elaborate decorated frame. It was probably not corrected against the Greek.

View 10 previous comments. Vienna Dioscorides; Juliana Anicia Codex. In this codex will turn exactly years! After the fall of Constantinople in a subsequent owner handwrote each plant’s name in Arabic and Hebrew.