May 17, 2020

John Naka is well known throughout the Bonsai community across the globe. His books and writings reveals knowledge from basic to advance for enthusiast to. More by John Yoshio Naka. Bonsai Techniques One. John Yoshio Naka. Bonsai Techniques II. John Yoshio Naka. Top of Page. My Account · Billing · Shipping. The Bonsai Clubs International’s BONSAI MAGAZINE; September-October ; Volume 42, Number 5 honored America’s premier master bonsai teacher John.

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John Naka – Wikipedia

Portulacaria afra Jim created inhis first Portulacaria. The method of overlaying Naka’s bonsai creations onto stylized backgrounds using both imaginary creations and actual nakka, gave a dramatic effect that is rare in today’s presentations. InGoshin was displayed at the Philadelphia Flower Nxka where it was viewed by nearlypeople.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We offer this trilogy as a testimonial to the artistic genius of John Naka.

The bonsai died last year due to hurricane damage. He returned to the United States near Boulder, Colorado in ; eventually settling in Los Angeles, California with his wife Alice and their three sons in Ours was just one of countless honors. Ficus salicifolia originally created by Mayna Hutchinson in Taken at the National Arboretum inPatrick was disappointed to see that Goshin was turned so that the back could receive sunlight at the time of his visit.

This Bonsai Master’s Greatest Work of Art is a Loving Tribute to his Grandkids «TwistedSifter

Asian American Bonsai Sculptor Japanese “. Naka donated it to the National Bonsai Foundation in for display at the United States National Arboretum and it has been there ever since.


He published two books, entitled Bonsai Techniques I and Bonsai Techniques IItexts that are revered as being the bibles of western bonsai to many artists.

A few years later, he accepted a Big Island Bonsai Association invitation that included visits to Kona and Waimea bonsai clubs and to view collections. A very few of his many accomplishments are the following: Mike still has the tree and greatly values the drawing.

Prints were made in a limited edition.

I am sure we will all agree that the results of this experiement shows excellence and as such reintroduces us to a method of photographing bonsai that we would do yoehio to try and duplicate today. The following photographs and scans were sent to us by Ed Trout who has the originals from the now defunct Eastman Kodak’s Applied Photography Magazine.

As always at AoB, the owner of the pictures retains all copyrights and will receive full credit for them. From the collection of Jim Smith, this sketch is one of the many drawings of bonsai that John made of the members bonsai at Jim’s study group in It is a forest planting of eleven Foemina junipers Juniperus chinensisthe earliest of which Naka began training into bonsai in AoB usually includes a brief bio of the featured artist at this point, in this case we have decided to forgo the bio, as there is no way we can do justice to this great man by adding anything that would surpass that which already has been done.


Other quotes of his included “Bonsai is not the result: In Orange County, Naka and four friends founded a bonsai club in November of naks, which is known today as the Nzka Bonsai Society. National Endowment for the Arts. On behalf of all who are associated with Fuku-Bonsai, I send deepest sympathies to Alice, his family, and to his closest friends. Jim asked John to make a sketch of this tree as a cascade, he did, but Jim never made the change. He was an honorary advisor to the National Bonsai Foundation.

John Yoshio Naka

Ficus salicifolia that was created by Jim in Sign up for our daily email and receive the Sifter’s newest posts! We mean this to be a dynamic gallery in which those who view it can add any content that they may have by John Naka, be it scans of his drawings, photographs of his bonsai, or photographs of John himself, simply by emailing them, with your name and a brief history of the drawing or drawings, to will artofbonsai.

A horticulturist, teacher, author and master bonsai cultivator, Naka passed away on May 19, Retrieved from ” https: Copyright The Art of Bonsai Project.

He became a very important force in American bonsai art in the s—60s.