April 30, 2020

The unifying theme of these thirteen essays is understanding. The thirteen essays collected here are all, in one way or another, about understanding: What is it? What does it take to have it? What does it presuppose in what. Having Thought. Essays in the metaphysics of mind. John Haugeland harvard university press. Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, England

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That is, I had seen what he was driving at, but was unpersuaded until I saw the pieces put together anew. Request removal from index.

Mar 27, Derek Kern rated it it was amazing. No keywords specified fix it. Jaegwon Kim – – Oxford University Press.


Dennett – – Cambridge: A great start for study of phil of mind Haugeland claims that the difference in kind, not degree, between the A cognitive capacities of people and animals is too obvious to require haugepand. Wimsatt – – Biology and Philosophy 21 5: The corrections of outlook Haugeland recommends are always presented in a constructive spirit.

Essays in the Metaphysics of Mind by John Haugeland.

Few topics have been mulled over more than representations in the last half century, and one would think that by now all the major moves had been made, and that it was time for fine tuning. Katrin rated it really liked it Dec 22, On Haugeland on Heidegger on Being.


The necessary interdependence between personality and intelligence is developed and explained, specifically in the conditions of thouhgt possibility of objective scientific knowledge. Abhay Singh rated it really liked it Sep 17, Since schema theory applies to experiences of mental illness, I also wonder whether Haugeland’s theory could do the same.

The answer, broached in an exploratory way, amounts to a contemporary revival of transcendental constitution – an idea prominent in the history of philosophy, but largely absent from the recent literature.

Having Thought: Essays in the Metaphysics of Mind

For example, see “Mind Embodied and Embedded” and, what’s possibly the most challenging paper in the book, “Truth and Rule-Following. Haugeand if any philosophy books need be read with only one hand, but why should we need three? Stephen rated it it was amazing Mar 30, It turns out, for instance, that the main differences along the spectrum from first base neo-Cartesian theory–e. Tucker rated it it was amazing Aug 24, In the first group of essays, John Haugeland addresses mind and intelligence.

Selected Essays in Philosophy of Mind and Language. Our recent titles are available via Edelweiss. More Thought on Thought and Talk.

Wells Lucas Santo rated it havign was amazing Sep 23, History of Western Philosophy. Haugeland sets out to show that the received wisdom is not just bedeviled by tgought problems everybody knows thatbut that these problems are unlikely to be solved since this underlying assumption is a huge mistake.


Although Haugeland uses games chess and empirical science as the major examples for his theory of objectivity, I wonder how these same theories could be applied to other human practices that have claim to truth faith communities, art movements, etc. Here the earlier themes come together around the fundamental problem of the metaphysics of mind: Kurt rated it it was amazing Feb 06, Matt rated it liked it Sep 05, A Constituted Domain, and A Objects.

The unifying theme of these thirteen essays is understanding. Chauncey rated it it was amazing Mar 11, Essays in the Metaphysics of Mind. He develops his case with a very well-considered game plan.

Still, Haugeland is right that the gulf between animal mind and human mind is huge. Put these together with A Analog and Analog and A Mind Embodied and Embeddedand you have a lucid and balanced setting for what I consider the most valuable essay in the collection, A Representational Genera.