JIS Z 8721 PDF

JIS Z 8721 PDF


May 9, 2020

Find the most up-to-date version of JIS Z at Engineering JIS Z Colour specification — Specification according to their three attributes (FOREIGN STANDARD. JIS Z Colour specification — Specification according to their three attributes (FOREIGN STANDARD). Available for Subscriptions. Content Provider.

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These usable melamine resins may also have coexisitent imino groups. The aluminum nitride sintered body has preferably a relative density of at least In the same manner as in Comparative Examples 7 – 9, aluminum nitride sintered bodies were produced.

It is preferred that the acrylic resin contains carboxyl groups to enhance water solubility or water dispersibility, crosslinking, and so on.

The present invention provides a method for forming a coating film on a plastic substrate which comprises: The coating film had good adhesion, with all the crosscut squares remaining. Year of fee payment: The aluminum nitride sintered body of the present invention has a large radiation heat amount and a superior heating property, so that it is suited most to substrates of heating members of ceramic heaters, susceptors and the like.

Virtually non-porous formkoerper polycrystalline aluminum nitride and process for jix production without the use of sintering auxiliaries. If the average particle diameter of the crystal grains constituting the sintered body is small, the number of crystal grain boundary which allows permeation of visible light beams is increased. Likewise, though acicular or fibrous conductive fillers are favorable for providing high electrical conductivity, they are scattered through the air when the coating composition is produced or the coated plastic substrate is recycled, gravely affecting the environment and the human body.

In addition, the polyester resin can be modified with monobasic acids, higher fatty acids, oil components, etc. Furthermore, preferably after the powder of aluminum nitride is preliminarily shaped, the preliminarily shaped body is hot press sintered or hot isostatic press sintered.

If necessary, the clear coating composition can contain coloring pigments, metallic pigments, extender pigments, dyes, ultraviolet absorbers and the like, to the extent that 87221 transparency is not impaired.


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However, there are some problems that need to be solved. Made of aluminum nitride sintered bodies semiconductor manufacturing apparatus related products and a method for manufacturing the same, and an electrostatic chuck, a susceptor, a dummy wafer, a clamping ring and a particle catcher.

Under the condition that each content of the metal elements except for aluminum is not more than ppm in the sintered body as in the present invention, a sintering additive consisting of Y 2 O 3 or the like metal oxide cannot be used in an effective amount, so that densification of the sintering body is hardly progressed.

A detailed description is given below of the method for forming a coating film of the present invention. Lightness V is based on non-colors wherein the lightness of ideal black is taken as 0 and the lightness of ideal white is taken as 10 and the lightness between the ideal black and the ideal white is divided into 10 lightnesses of an equal spacing of the sense of sight for a lightness of a color so as to express the lightness of the color by a symbol between N 0 – N It is considered that because the firing temperature was higher and the pressure was lower than Example 3, the development of the crystal grains could progressed a little easier and the lightness became a little lower.

Aluminum nitride sintered body, metal including member, electrostatic chuck, method of producing aluminum nitride sintered body, and method of jiw metal including member. The results of these measurements are shown in Table 2.

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However, in order to save energy and to reduce harmful jiis emitted into the environment, electrostatic coating, which achieves high coating efficiency, is coming into wide use. The aluminum nitride sintered body of claim 1, comprising a relative density of at least At that time, in principle, the lightness is determined to one decimal place with a value of 0 or 5 at the one decimal place. Also, the present invention relates to a method of producing an aluminum nitride sintered body, comprising sintering a powder of aluminum nitride containing metal elements of contents of not more than ppm for each metal element except for aluminum to obtain an aluminum nitride sintered body of a relative density of at least Siliceous nitride sintered compact having high thermal conductivity, its production and insulating base made of siliceous nitride sintered compact.


The coating film had excellent water resistance, with all the squares remaining. As a result, the infrared radiation lamps consumed an electric power of a maximum of W to afford a stable controlling of the wafer temperature.

Aluminium nitride sintered bodies and their use as substrate in an apparatus for producing semiconductors. A light-colored multilayer coating film with 87221 lightness value N value of about 8.

Method of evaluating color of mat rush with a spectrophotometer [1999]

As such additives, tungsten, 871 oxide, nickel, palladium and the like are known. Preferably, the crystal grains constituting the aluminum nitride sintered body have an average particle diameter of at least 0. As the non-oxidizing atmosphere, atmospheres of nitrogen or the like inert gas are particularly preferable. The hydroxyl-containing monomer is a compound containing a hydroxyl group and a polymerizable unsaturated group; iis thereof include monoesterified compounds of alkylene glycols having 2 to 10 carbon atoms and meth acrylic acid such as hydroxyethyl meth acrylate, hydroxypropyl meth acrylate, hydroxybutyl meth acrylate, etc.

Therefore, electrostatic coating is usually carried out after the plastic substrate itself or surface thereof is made electrically conductive. Thermosetting Clear Coating Composition C Any known coating composition for a zz coat can be used as the thermosetting clear coating composition C of the invention.

The electrically conductive primer to be used usually contains a resin component and an electrically conductive filler.