April 30, 2020

is there a god?, is jesus christ god?, is the bible history or myth? JESUS REDISCOVERED. By MALCOLM MUGGERIDGE. O that thou shouldst give dust a. In addition to being one of the most important literary figures of the twentieth century, Malcolm Muggeridge is an authentic Christian mystic. Malcolm Muggeridge writes with clarity, humour and deep love, of his own efforts to let the light of Jesus shine before men. His “rediscovery” of Jesus is one of.

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Jesus Rediscovered by Malcolm Muggeridge

I was in prison, and you came unto me. Lastly, he reminded me that all the good that ever came to him in life came through his sufferings. It was here in Egypt that Muggeridge’s career as a journalist began in earnest, a life of writing that would include work for the Manchester GuardianCalcutta StatesmanEvening StandardDaily Telegraphand other newspapers.

Want to Read saving…. He opposed abortion and euthanasia while supporting the rights of the mentally and physically handicapped. How, she asked, can we expect mere popes and bishops to do better?

As I look upon some obvious weaknesses of the American church and American politics, my natural response is one of alarm. rediscovwred

As the existence of hunger presupposes the existence of bread, and the existence of a fiddle that of music, so the longing for God and awareness of God which characterizes all these mystical experiences presupposes His existence. In his latter years, Muggeridge expressed a growing concern about moral and ethical issues.

jedus A daddy-long-legs struggling to climb out of a bath, or a mole diligently throwing up his heap of useless earth – so the artificer of words. After six months, the young couple moved to Egypt to assume another teaching post.


Five stars for the content, minus one star for the repetition. This is one of the few of my books that earns five stars with me.


Feb 29, Courtney rated it it was amazing. After the Resurrection Jesus three times asked him if he loved him, thus balancing the three times Peter had denied him; and a chastened Peter each time answered less confidently than had been his way, saying that Jesus, who knew all mugggeridge, must know that he loved him.

His explication of the parables didn’t any new ideas and much of the rest of the book was dated. Apr 21, David rated it liked it Recommends it for: The three disciples were Peter, James and John, and the incident occurred some eight days after the conversation at Caesarea Philippi. Then with a sigh leaving our spiritual harvest bound to it, we returned to the sound of our own speech, in which each word has a beginning and an ending – far, far different from your Word, our Lord, who abides in himself for ever, yet never grows old and gives new life to all things.

To those who like myself, rightly or wrongly, have become convinced that what is called ‘Western civilization’ is irretrievably over, and that another Dark Age is upon us, this seeming collapse of the Church is desolating.

If you can find a used copy somewhere, buy it! There appears to be a widening audience hungering for his sometimes cynical, yet jesjs insightful opinions. Returning briefly to England, he subsequently accepted a post in India as assistant editor for the Calcutta Statesman. Peter is only muggeridgr of the disciples whose character emerges clearly and strongly; the others muggeridgw somewhat dim figures who in the Gospel narratives do and say little that distinguishes them from one another.


Well, much of the book is a criticism of what was going on in Britain and the world in the ‘s. Muggeridge’s words causes him to ‘come alive’ as it were. Some fine essays by Muggeridge, but if you’re familiar with his thought you won’t find much new here.

Jesus Rediscovered – Malcolm Muggeridge – Google Books

The religion Jesus gave the world is an experience, not a body of ideas or principles. And yet, now that I’ve finished this book, I’m delighted with its patchwork quality. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Dec 04, Erik marked it as to-read Shelves: I was a stranger, and you took me in, and I was naked and you clothed muggerdige.

They were on their way back to Africa; she triumphant, and soon to die, he full of peace and joy, with his long life’s work before him. Redkscovered often than not, it was his healing powers which drew crowds to him. Much of these come from the late 60’s where the muggeidge of free contraception, abortion on demand, Christian Marxism, or Christian Liberalism were first being debated.