May 19, 2020

The Third Chimpanzee has ratings and reviews. Chuck said: Another great book from Jared Diamond. I found this to be just as engaging as Guns. Diamond, Jared. The rise and fall of the third chimpanzee. I. Title. ISBN 0- Photoset by Speedset Ltd, Ellesmere Port. Printed and bound in. The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal, published in , was the first of my six books written for the general public. I look back.

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On the other hand, eyes and flight evolved multiple times independently. It says, look how long and heavy my tail is but I can still get away from predators.

Historically, Diamond argues such contacts between widely differing populations have very frequently culminated in the extinction of the disadvantaged groups like many Native American tribes, the Tasmaniansetc. After the leap, cultural development no longer depended on genetic change.

Part one deals with the similarity between humans and chimpanzees. The book begins with the deviation of homo sapiens and our closest relatives, the chimpanzees, and the bonobos from our common ancestor, the great ape, about 3 million years ago. We, humans, were responsible not only for the extermination chimpannzee large species such as the woolly mammoths, sabertooths and giant sloths that roamed the planet until recently.

There’s yet more false balance and lack of scientific scruples when discussing skin pigmentation.

While this book was interesting, there were parts where jarer author stepped far beyond his area of expertise, leading to some very weak chapters. The elite became healthier, but at the expense of the majority who became worse off.

The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal

The risk shapes much of current world diplomacy. Human childbirth is particularly dangerous. Perhaps The Third Chimpanzee for young people will help him and his generation better understand the state of our world and the sad condition of our closest kin in the animal world and guide them to fix the mess we are in. And much to my joy he has a new book coming out in mere weeks!


Since I first released The Third Chimpanzee inscientists have accumulated exciting new discoveries in all areas that the book discussed.

Chlmpanzee 18, Clif rated it really liked it.

Reading about our origins was deeply humbling and puts all the other “problems” that pique our capitalistic, material world today into perspective. Diamond takes aim at the biggest questions of human existence, and attempts to explicate them with passion and honesty.

The book covers a chimpanzew range of topics, such as how are humans qualitatively different from other animals, why do men do stupid things to impress women, why do people practice adultery, why do humans practice genocide, how did languages evolve, why do some people become addicted to drugs, why do humans produce art, and why do humans age. View all 3 comments.

That is no longer the case. Only within the last 40 years or so did these tribes begin to modernize, trade, get modern goods and all. Feb 18, Bart Everson rated chimpanze it was amazing Recommends it for: He writes of our place in the universe, and why we may be alone though others might have gone before elsewhere.

The Third Chimpanzee – Wikipedia

Djamond example, familiar to all of us who studied Latin, is that highly inflected languages ones in which word endings suffice to indicate sentence structure can use variations of word order to convey nuances impossible with English. Further, this Funny that I read this book in Mexico, a country where more people believe in creation than evolution.

But he should have. Does the extra length of the human penis constitute wasted protoplasm that would have been more useful if it had been ghird instead in a larger brain or a sixth finger?

However, this book has some great explanations on human sexuality but does not address one which I was not able to find a satisfactory explanation for, evolutionarily speaking: Chapter 10 – No other primate practices agriculture.


On the last page of that not so short of a chapter, he admitted his explanations didn’t really work for our case and that’s actually what made us uniquely human.

Indeed many if not all of his subsequent books seem to expand on themes he first addressed here. A quick glance at other reviews indicates that’s his most revered book; it seems to be an expansion of a single chapter in The Third Chimpanzee. It’s a fascinating book that sheds much light on that most peculiar yet apparently not so very, after all creature: Chapter 19 – Four mechanisms of species extermination: For the record, I think we evolved from apes.

Mar 30, Nola rated it liked it. He makes good arguments but maybe takes on more than he should. He has dedicated this book to his sons and future generations.

This is a subject about which I knew little, and I learned plenty here, which was gratifying. These are presented with false balance i. View all 10 comments.

I could contribute far more to the world by weaving together and explaining information drawn from geography, history, science, languages, and music than I could by making new discoveries about narrow technical subjects. What I simply do not understand about the “awww, look at and study the primitive people” perspective is the lack of consideration for the desires, wishes, or well being of the culture in question.

He states that “Now, let’s test my theory The life history of humans is remarkably different from that of all other mammals in number of offspring, menopause and length of life.