May 5, 2020

As Chuck shares in his article, the Issachar tribe “understood time and could interpret the Word of God in time.” We need the Issachar anointing. We need the Issachar anointing to know what God is doing in the earth and how we fit into that plan. Where are we in the Scriptures? What is being fulfilled in. Buy The Issachar Anointing: Read 19 Kindle Store Reviews –

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Issachars are able to perceive and seize opportune times of success and wealth. He was aware and understood the events around him, he understood the times and the seasons. I want you to say, ‘I’m free at last.

By virtue of the name, we see that those who walk in the character and calling of the Issachar isschar a sure reward to the Lord as well as a reward to the vineyard in which they are working. In other words, those who write for the Lord will release the needed revelation for today. God is sending the Judah anointing on his people to rid them of all fears, anxieties, and panic attacks.

Jane Skewis said this on January 13, at 5: The tribes were in a tremendous conflict and transition. God is not calling Christians to issachr to be Jews, but He does want us to receive the blessings He gave through the Jews. The pagan world saw time as endlessly repeated cycles leading nowhere.

We have a plan, but God has a better plan. Young people must know when to read their books; marry, get serious with God and pursue things that are beyond reproach.


Chuck Pierce: Understanding Issachar: Interpreting the Times and Seasons!

In the same way, God is equipping the end-time church with three anointings that will precede His return to the earth.

Watch Me strain your nerve structure to produce a new garment of praise. These are profound words. The people of the tribe of Issachar would become servants to many, work for wages, and live a comfortable life. We must understand that we are part of a collective group, anointiing as the saints, that are called to triumph anoibting the enemy. Fear can have no place with the people of God.

It is what was given to those in Hebrews Chapter The Judah anointing is a ruling anointing that operates with great authority. Thank you for the mustering my faith. Lord, certify me with understanding and satisfy me with your blessings in Jesus’ name. The government was changing.

Issachar Anointing

The Issachar anointing helps us to tap into Gods great plan. We say, no more regret over the past. I have written two prophetic books that describe the warfare for the issahcar. They were connected to Zebulun, the wealth tribe, because provision for the journey and the supply for victory were important. Once we understand these times, we go from increase to increase. Late Chinua Achebe said this in one of his books: When the Jews rejected their obedient, suffering Messiah, Yeshua, the door opened for the Gentile world to receive grace by faith and enter salvation.

I love to see where God revealed Himself to man. His plan, the New Covenant, allowed the redemptive anoitning of each tribe to come alive in us.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Our izsachar weekend of focusing on Dreams and Night Revelation was amazing! This will allow us to see His plan for Israel fulfilled and His glory cover the whole earth.


Pastor Dele Oyewale June 1st, The spirit of Judah is like that prevailing spirit of a young lion. This dividing wall is growing thinner and weaker as He demonstrates His love through His children.

Topic: The Issachar Anointing.

They will be well equipped to anoihting out their end-time assignments as they operate in the boldness of Judah, the awareness of Issachar, and the revelation of Zebulun. They knew how certain structures had to end so that the new season that God had would begin.

It is not enough for us to just be pew warmers or just considered isssachar getting positions in church. What could there be? Cheap luxury watches said this on July 18, at 4: One of the leading prophetic voices of today, Pierce clearly translates Biblical principles into actionable steps you can take right now to:. We learn how to restore the blessing of our lost Biblical inheritance when we embrace the Jewish roots of our Christian faith. Understanding is the roadmap of life, the food of success and the pillar of every promotion.

Issachar men and women receive understanding from the Lord himself, because they know God in an intimate manner. He knit His name in us. anointiing