May 7, 2020

Isobelle Carmody was 14 years old when she began writing The Obernewtyn Chronicles. Forty-three years later, the final book has arrived. With the release of The Red Queen, the writer brings to a close three decades of her young adult fantasy series while hinting at ‘plenty of doors. My second part of my The Red Queen by Isobelle Carmody thoughts. See the previous one here. MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW. Seriously, don’t read on if you.

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It might technically be a Young Adult series, but it’s only a marketing technicality. While Elspeth’s quest as the Seeker is the ultimate goal, she has been closely involved in other plots along the way; in The Red Queenit is the return of the rightful queen of the Redport, a city far from Elspeth’s Land which has long been ruled by Gadfian slavetraders. I did not ask how he had come to be here.

Or did he just leave her behind hidden somewhere and nobody found her ever??? I saw the moon crack and open like an egg, and a seethe of transparent beasts emerged. Unless you are an absolute die hard fan of the series just read a plot summary.

That was the part I was most looking forward to and it just fizzed and died! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

The Red Queen: The Obernewtyn Chronicles Volume 7

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I never once felt like tbe was out of place. Ariel is like a cardboard cut-out villain, all he needed was a moustache and an evil laugh.

And yes, my rating is biased on the fact that I’ve loved this series for so long and now it’s over! So she view spoiler [ completes her quest, saves the world, ends up in Eden with Rushton althoug It’s done.


Habitat catmody begun by Hannah Seraphim, one of the two women from the Beforetime who left messages, clues and artefacts that Elspeth needs cqrmody order to find and destroy Sentinel, the computermachine that controls the Balance of Terror weaponmachines that caused the first Cataclysm – or Great White as it’s known.

Review/Random Thoughts On: The Red Queen by Isobelle Carmody | All The Books I Can Read

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Mostly I just sharing the stories I love! Yes, the plot was very slow, especially the whole pages in habitat and midland an interesting plot but not enough relevance to the questwhich went on for way too long credit to Elspeths “gnawings” however after arriving at Redport, I couldn’t put it down with the incentive that I would soon get answers to the growing list of questions perpetrating my mind.

For the longest time, Elspeth has been like a larger-than-life figure for me, a mythological heroine, a close relative about whose exploits you hear, wide-eyed and in awe. I first read Obernewtyn and the Farseekers inwhen The Farseekers was recommended in my primary school library after winning the Children’s Book Council of Australia award.

And isn’t that what people say? The post-apocalyptic fantasy series reaches its heartbreaking, world-shaking conclusion! Nov 19, Rachel rated it it was issobelle.

I grew up with these books which made the final two books so much more disappointing. And it was very clear that I didn’t need to read the whole series again, as there was a very large amount of recapping throughout the carmodh, which was very tedious for someone who just read them all.

In fact, I spent much of the book remembering what I loved so much about the first few books.


Children and teenagers Fiction features. That same relief I felt when I found out the book’s length immediately churned into horror. For a finale, it was full of filler that made no sense at all and did not move the plot forward in a cohesive and entertaining way.

I want him to have a life that he deserves! View all 5 comments.

There’s still some areas of extreme and unnecessary repetition of past information, but I found them to be fewer and less distracting then the previous book which verged on awful at times. The book for me struck the perfect balance between individuals and building communities of hope and support for the public good.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here So she view spoiler [ completes her quest, saves the world, ends up in Eden with Rushton although that’s a whole other conversation and everyone’s happy. I read it for literally 7 hours solid, forcing my eyeballs to engorge themselves on more and more words when they were already struggling to focus.

There were a few brief periods of good writing and action-packed plotlines, but then it got boring again and I was not eager to read on. Not a book produced to fit a deadline, but a book that was worth waiting for.

Award-winning Australian author Isobelle Carmody concludes the epic story of Elspeth Gordie, a heroine in the vein of Tamora Pierce’s most memorable and empowering protagonists. This will probably be a sketchy review of the tthe series, and an indepth-ish review of t Update 23 Dec