April 30, 2020

Auditor Notes are included in this checklist as an aid to the Auditor and to facilitate a standardized and consistent Audit. Auditor Notes fall into four categories. Operational Safety Audit Program (IOSA) is an in- . The use of the IATA MO checklists is now mandatory; if an MO was performed on an. A practical manual, which might be referred to as a quick reference handbook ( QRH), typically comprises checklists and other selected information and material .

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IATA Operational Safety Audit – SKYbrary Aviation Safety

Normal and non-normal departure and approach considerations include, as appropriate for each phase and each flight: The specification in item ii requires a system or device s for use by the cabin crew or other authorized persons to notify the flight crew of any security compromise in the cabin.

Checklizt specification in item ii ensures the relevant sections of the OM are clearly cjecklist as the OM can, in some instances, include sections published dhecklist flight operations personnel other than flight crew. Such guidance typically defines the conditions necessary to accept or deny boarding to a passenger. The specification of this provision is satisfied if an operator provides guidance to instructors and evaluators when critical components of a training device are fully or partially inoperative.

The specification in item iii refers to the barometric pressure setting to which altitude is referenced. Training and, when applicable, an evaluation in the specified normal and non-normal procedures and maneuvers is applicable to all pilot crew members.


Such guidance shall include, as a minimum, the procedural means by which the crew: The specifications of this provision apply to pilot flight crew members and, if utilized in conjunction with such operations, flight navigators. In the absence of manufacturer climb performance data, the specifications of this provision may be satisfied if the operator provides: The specifications in items vi: Such guidance, data and procedures shall include, as a minimum, aircraft engine-out: Some of the specifications of this provision may be addressed through implementation of a scheduling policy in accordance with FLT 3.

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The specification of this provision is applicable to flight operations personnel and is not restricted only to flight crew. Such flight altitude information typically includes: Continuing qualification includes recurrent or refresher training and also includes any training necessary to meet recency-of-experience requirements.

Guidance and procedures related to circling approaches typically address the following: Such guidance might be derived from one or combination of the checkliat source references, as applicable: As such, all OM sections need not be provided to the flight crew e. The intent of this provision is for an operator to ensure the OM incorporates an error mitigation strategy for reducing the risk of a runway incursion occurring during taxi, takeoff, and landing.

New IOSA checklists available in IQSMS | ASQS – Intuitive Quality & Safety Management

The intent of this provision is to ensure all aircraft, regardless of configuration passenger, cargo, combiused in international operations are equipped checilist ELTs in accordance with the specifications in items i or iias applicable, and all aircraft are equipped only with ELTs that operate on Implementation of other procedural methods in accordance with applicable regulations is also considered chdcklist.

The specification in item iv refers to the demonstration of competencies that must be completed in a qualified simulator as designated for completion during simulator training in an operator’s State-approved or State-accepted ZFTT qualification course.

The term deadhead in sub-specification ii refers to the transportation of non-operating crew members, typically for positioning purposes, before or after an operational duty assignment. The briefing related to the specification in item ii also typically addresses any applicable requirements and restrictions for personnel seated adjacent to cabin emergency exits. Airports of intended use include: Safety Management Content source: A State requirement, as part of flight crew licensing, for an individual to demonstrate expert English language proficiency can be used to satisfy the specifications of this provision.


The intent of this provision is to ensure a pilot who is required to communicate with air traffic control in English demonstrates a sufficient level of English language proficiency to ensure effective communication during the performance of duties. If delegated, the Operator shall ensure the flight crew is notified prior to flight that the inspection has been completed.

This specification is only applicable to flight crew members assigned such responsibilities by the State or the operator. The specification in item iii refers to limitations regarding the use of cheklist EFB.

IOSA Checklist – Aviation Quality Services

The specifications in item i and iv might require guidance in the OM that addresses the proper use of restraint devices, unless such devices are prohibited by the Authority or ilsa use is impractical due to lack of appropriate crew members. In other cases, an IFR Flight Plan must be filed for all flights and an instrument clearance obtained or cancelled en route. The specification in item isub-item hwould require operators that conduct training flights to specify the actual conditions that will permit such training to be accomplished safely and effectively in accordance with FLT 2.

High-level Class Diagram Deliverable. Such procedures may or may not require processing in accordance with the MEL depending on the class of EFB iosz use by the operator and approved by the Authority. In this example, in order to conform to the specifications of item iithe manager of the flight operations organization would be accountable to senior management for ensuring the day to day security of the flight deck.