August 10, 2020

Image Compression. OUTLINE: Exploiting coding redundancy, interpixel redundancy, and psychovisual redundancy. Lossy and lossless methods. (viii) In digital image compression, three basic data redundancies can be identified and exploited: Coding redundancy, Inter-pixel redundancy. Next: Binary image compression Up: compression Previous: The algorithm. Inter- pixel Redundancy and Compression. Subsections. Binary image compression.

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Image Compression – Fundamentals and Lossless Compression Techniques – ppt video online download

Published by Camron Richards Modified over 3 years ago. RGB channels Restoration I vs. How to measure data redundancy? How many different types of data redundancy?


Digital Image Processing Image Compression

Understand the two criteria that all coding mechanisms should satisfy. Understand Huffman coding How do you explain the average coding length from Huffman coding is always greater than the entropy? What image format uses which coding scheme?

Understand RLC, differential coding. In most images, certain gray levels are more probable than others. Include spatial redundancy, geometric redundancy, interframe redundancy. Certain information simply has less relative importance than other information in normal visual processing In general, an observer searches for distinguishing features such as edges or textural regions and mentally combines them into recognizable groupings.

What happens if the events are equally probable? Data and information Data is not the same thing as information. Data is the means with which information is expressed. Image Enhancement To process an image so that the result is more suitable than the original image for a specific application.

Image Compression – Fundamentals and Lossless Compression Techniques

Spatial domain methods and. To reduce the volume of data to be transmitted text, fax, images To reduce the bandwidth required for transmission and to reduce storage. My presentations Redundany Feedback Log out.


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