April 30, 2020

Richard Selzer’s “Imelda” is a story about a young girl who dies in the hands of Dr . Franciscus. Dr. Franciscus is a plastic surgeon who gives his. Acad Med. Oct;84(10) doi: /ACM.0beb6ab Medicine and the arts. Imelda [excerpt] by Richard Selzer. Commentary. Burr DA. In highly personal pieces that are both memoirs or Richard Selzer’s own His short stories included A Question of Mercy, Imelda, and Whither Thou Goest.

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Franciscus and Victor are both obsessed with challenging God in their words of plastic surgery and creation respectively.

Medicine and the arts. Imelda [excerpt] by Richard Selzer. Commentary.

Human beings that play God use technology to show that they can compete with God in matters of creation. Franciscus was not perfect.

He would have been more humane. Playing God is detrimental plunges a person to the lowest point in his or her life.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Victor believes that he is chained to hell for trusting in technology more than he trusts God. Arguably, the scientists that play God are socially isolated. However, the monster turns against him, and it kills the people that he loves.


A Pint of Blood. In highly personal pieces that are both memoirs or Richard Selzer’s own imperfect experiences as a young doctor and “letters” ostensibly addressed to medical hopefuls, he brings to light both the brutality and beauty of the profession in which saving and losing lives is all in a day’s work. Disease and the novel, Jeffrey Meyers Snippet view – Retrived December 31,from https: He finished his surgical residency at Yale in and practiced untilwhen he left his surgical career to write full time.

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Oedipus and Sundiata Essay. This essay has been submitted by a student. The doctor aimed at fixing the lip, but when the girl died, he was devastated because he had not kept his promise of fixing the lip. Selfish interests motivate mad scientists that play God.

Medicine and the arts. Imelda [excerpt] by Richard Selzer. Commentary.

Franciscus did not have close friends Selzer Your time is important. Human beings that strive to imitate God are haunted for the rest of their lives.

His intention is not to create a better human world; he intends to compete with God; thus, he fails terribly. Letters to a Young Doctor. This is just a sample from a fellow student. Playing God results in interpretive errors. Letter to a Young SurgeonI.


Having trouble finding the perfect essay? Here, Victor uses his knowledge to create a monster with the intention of superseding God. Selzer explains that Dr. He wants to give the impression that he is perfect in his work. Therefore, human beings should not use technology to play the role of Immelda because it will not materialize.

After an internship at Yale, he was drafted into the Army and served as a lieutenant in Korea from to Nevertheless, he deep down him knows that he is lying to himself because he knows that the girl died before her lip would be fixed.

He falls in the same way that Satan fell when he challenged God. He wrote horror stories that were published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.