April 30, 2020

IBM System Storage DS Highlights. □ 4 Gbps Fibre Channel interface. □ Expandable by attaching up to technology three EXPs, a total of. TB of . One dual-controller DS and one storage expansion enclosure. iv System Storage DS Storage Subsystem: Installation, User’s, and Maintenance. Product comparison of DS, DS, and DS FC configuration 3 – Linux SAN boot from a DS with an IBM System x.

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Back to Top Step 2: Up to three EXPs can be connected to expand capacity datxsheet IOPs performance of the solution to help address your data needs today and tomorrow. DS upgrade from 8 to 32 storage partitions.

The EXP comes with a 3 year, parts and labor next-business-day warranty standard. As opposed to FlashCopy where only the original values of changed data are copied to the repositorythe whole source logical drive is copied to target. Expansion Unit Step 3: Walk through this step-by-step guide, choosing appropriate models and options as indicated below: VolumeCopy is a way to provide a complete point-in-time copy of a source logical drive.

That means once you have assigned the LUN to a host it is hidden from all other hosts connected to the same Storage Server.

datasheeet Now the host systems can only access their assigned logical drives, just as if these logical drives were locally attached to them. You can use this functionality for data replication, relocation, backup, or to restore snapshot data to the original logical drive. Back to Top Step 4: Storage partitioning adds a high level of flexibility to the DS Storage Server. Premium Features Step 6: As a standard datasueet, 2 FlashCopies are enabled on every DS storage subsystem and this premium feature enables up to 64 FlashCopies.


Purchase two for dual controller models. With FC host connectivity and SAS back-end technology, the DS is designed to improve productivity through data consolidation, availability, datasgeet and scalability.

Four SFP’s needed for dual controller model. DS upgrade from 4 to 32 storage partitions. While establishing the copy, the source logical drive will be in read-only state.

Two SFP’s needed for the single controller model. Holds up to drives internally ibn connection for up to 3 EXP’s. DS Implementation Guide DS comes standard with 4 storage partitions. Ships with the rack mounting kit and two 2. We call these sets storage partitions. TD Back to Top Step 5: Storage partitioning, on the other hand, allows you to create sets, containing the hosts with their host bus adapters and the logical drives.

DS Model Step 2: The DS comes with a 3 year, parts and labor next-business-day warranty standard. DS upgrade from 16 to 32 storage partitions. EXP – 2U, 19″ rack mount driven closure designed for supporting a total of twelve 3. The time required to establish a copy will depend on the size of the source data and the operation priority settings. DS upgrade from 4 to 16 storage partitions. Therefore, the access to that LUN is exclusively dataeheet for that host.

IBM System Storage DS Express Data Sheet – PropertyCasualty Research Library

The VolumeCopy premium feature allows for up to VolumeCopies. Once all the data is copied to the target, the target will remain available if the source logical drive is lost. Available in single and dual controller models, the DS scales in capacity to support a total of 48 hard disk drives by using the EXP expansion unit.


Without storage partitioning, the logical drives configured on a DS can only be accessed by a limited number of host systems or by a single cluster. Allows for up to 4 FlashCopies per volume. Many options are available to uplift this protection to higher levels. DS FlashCopy Expansion Plus License increases the number of FlashCopies per volume to eight allows more frequent data backups and increased data protection. Back to Top Step 3: The DS is a direct-attach and SAN solution for System x, and BladeCenter servers, and enables small and medium businesses to manage their fast-growing data capacity requirements on an affordable budget.

DS Sample Configurations 2. Be aware that FlashCopy is a prerequisite for VolumeCopy.

IBM System Storage DS3400

It allows you to connect a much ss3400 number of host systems, either in stand-alone or clustered mode. FlashCopy is a point-in-time copy of a source logical drive. Back to Top Step 9: Storage partitioning adapts the SAN idea of globally accessible storage to the local-storage-minded operating systems.

Please see below for warranty uplift options. This can surely lead to inefficient use of Storage Server hardware.