August 1, 2020

HP Color LaserJet CP Series Printer The only warranties for HP products and .. Manually configure IPv4 TCP/IP parameters from the control panel. View and Download HP CPdn – Color LaserJet Laser Printer service manual online. Color LaserJet CP Series Printer. CPdn – Color LaserJet. HP Color LaserJet cyan print cartridge CEA CE . NOTE: In this manual, the abbreviation “PCA” stands for “printed circuit-board assembly.”.

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Table of contents 1 Product basics Product comparison Tray and bin capacity HP policy on non-HP print cartridges Low-voltage power supply failure Reinstall the cassette-pickup drive assembly Paper does not feed from Tray 2 or LaserJet print cartridge limited warranty statement Table Causes and solutions for fuser delivery stationary jams List of figures Figure Slot for the security cable Mabual Cassette lift mechanism Figure Remove the transfer roller 1 of Figure Remove the front-top cover 2 of Figure Remove the registration assembly 5 of Figure Remove the cassette-pickup assembly 3 of Figure Reinstall the main-drive assembly 4 of Figure Test the tray 2 paper-out sensor Figure Fusing fixing assembly 1 of The other models support manual two-sided printing.

The standard output bin is located on the top of the product. This bin can hold up to sheets of paper.

20 Most Recent HP CPDN Color LaserJet Printer Questions & Answers – Page 3 – Fixya

Use the control panel The control panel has a color, graphical and text display that provides access to all product functions. Use the buttons janual control jobs and the product status. The lights indicate overall product status.

Control-panel layout The control panel includes a color, graphical and text display, job-control buttons, and three light-emitting diode LED status lights. Halts the current job, presents a choice to resume or cancel the current job, Stop button clears paper from the product, and clears any continuable errors that are associated with the halted job.

If the product is not printing a job, pressing Stop pauses the product. Control panel menus You can perform most routine printing tasks from the computer through the printer driver or software application.

This is the most convenient way to control the product, and will override the product control- panel settings. Use the control panel to access features not supported by the printer driver or software application, and to configure trays for amnual size and type. Menu hierarchy The following top-level menus are available: See Show Me How menu on page 14 for more information. See Retrieve job menu on page maual for mznual information. See Information menu on page 17 for more information.

Some menu items have no default. Item Sub-item Options Description copies in the driver and specify c3p525dn copies on the control panel, a total of four copies of the job are printed. Paper handling menu Use this menu to configure input trays by size and type. It is important to correctly configure the trays with this menu before you print for the first time. Printing menu These settings affect only jobs without identified properties.


Most jobs identify all of the properties and override the values set from this menu. Menu item Values Description printable area is cp35255dn pitch characters on a single line. PCL sub-menu This menu cp3552dn settings for the printer control language.

Print Quality menu To display: Item Sub-item Values Description Item Sub-item Values Description reduces the effect of color-plane misregistration by overlapping the edges of adjacent objects slightly. AUTO resets the product to the factory default setting.

Item Sub-item Values Description duplexing. Two options are available: This can improve print speed. This option is not recommended because of the risk of overfilling the toner collection unit, which could result in the need to service your printer.

Item Sub-item Values Description The default depends on which black print cartridge is installed. If the product contains an HP Jetdirect print server, you can configure basic networking parameters by using this submenu. You can also configure these and other parameters through HP Web Jetadmin or the embedded Web server. An address in the form The port number identifies the port reserved for proxy activity on your network, and can be a value from 0 to Security settings are reset to factory defaults.

Select NO to select individual tests.

You can select a value from 0 to 24 minutes. The default is 0. Resets menu The RESETS menu allows you to reset factory settings, disable and enable sleep mode, and update the product after new supplies are installed. Press the Menu button This menu is intended for use by authorized service personnel.


Supported paper and print media sizes This product supports a number of paper sizes, and it adapts to various media. To obtain best results, select the correct paper size and type in the printer driver before printing. Table Supported paper and print media sizes Size and dimensions Tray Custom paper sizes This product supports a variety of custom paper sizes.

Supported custom sizes are sizes that are within the minimum- and maximum-size guidelines for the product but are not listed in the supported paper sizes table. When using a supported custom size, specify the custom size in the print driver, and load the paper in a tray that supports custom sizes.

Supported paper and print media types For a complete list of specific HP-brand paper that this product supports, go to www. Special paper or print media guidelines This product supports printing on special media. Use the following guidelines to obtain satisfactory results. When using special paper or print media, be sure to set the type and size in your print driver to obtain the best print results.

Load trays You can load different media in the trays and then request media by type or size by using the control panel. Paper orientation for loading trays If you are using paper that requires a specific orientation, load it according to the information in the following tables. Load Tray 1 Hhp To see an animation of this procedure cp3525dnn to this Web site: To avoid jams, never add or remove paper from Tray 1 during printing. Fold out the tray extension to support the paper and set the side guides to the correct width.


Load paper in the tray face down and the short, top edge going into the product first. Make sure the stack fits under the tabs on the guides and does not exceed co3525dn load-level indicators. Adjust the side guides so that they lightly manial the paper stack but do not bend it.

Print envelopes If your manuap does not automatically format an envelope, specify Landscape for page orientation in your software program or printer driver. Use the following guidelines to set margins for return and destination addresses on Commercial 10 or DL envelopes: Address type Left margin Top margin Adjust the paper-length and paper-width guides by squeezing the adjustment latch and sliding the guides to the size of the paper being used.

Load paper into the tray face up. Check the paper to verify the guides lightly touch the stack, but do not bend it. If the configuration is not correct, follow the instructions on the control panel to change yp size or type.

Load the optional sheet paper and heavy media tray Tray 3 Mahual 3 holds up to sheets of standard paper. Adjust the paper-length and paper-width guides by squeezing the adjustment latches and sliding the guides to the size of the paper being used.

Slide the tray into the product. The control panel shows the paper type and size. The control panel prompts you to set the paper size and type.

HP CP3525dn – Color LaserJet Laser Printer Service Manual

See the label in the paper tray, or the following illustration, to determine the X and Y dimensions. Adjust the paper-length and paper-width guides by squeezing the adjustment latches and adjusting the guides to the fully opened position.

Fit the HP postcard media insert into Tray 3 and then slide the insert to the right until it snaps into place. Adjust the paper-length and paper-width guides by squeezing the adjustment latches and adjusting the guides to the fully closed position. Select either 4 x 6 inch or 10 x 15 cm size paper. Remove the HP postcard media insert Adjust the paper-length and paper-width guides by squeezing the adjustment latches and adjusting the guides to the fully opened position.

To remove the HP postcard media insert, lift the tab, slide the insert toward the center of the tray, and then lift the insert to remove.