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abstract. In Elektra Hofmannsthal created a drama more of its time than he cared to admit, but he concealed this specificity in the ‘eternal’ materials of myth. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. HOFMANNSTHAL’S ELEKTRA. Herman K. Doswald. Huco voN HOFMANNSTIIAL was one of the early writers in the 20th. Century to question the power of.

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Sophocles’ Electra, centring on the heroine’s grief for her father and her overwhelming desire for Orestes to return to shed his mother’s blood, is widely regarded as the most psychologically advanced of Greek tragedies though Sophocles still presents the Atreides as motivated by divine commandments.

Because this work elektrw culturally important, we have made it available as a part of our commitment to protecting, preserving and promoting the world’s literature.

Strauss’s father, a domineering man, who encouraged his son’s compositions but repeatedly disparaged the results, had died inan event which in turn caused Strauss’s mother whose mental health was never less than precarious to have a massive breakdown, necessitating confinement in a sanatorium.

Agamemnon father Clytemnestra mother Aegisthus stepfather Orestes brother Iphigenia sister Chrysothemis sister. Anita Dollmanits rated it really liked it Sep 25, Hofmannsthal wrote his own Elektra in in response to a request for a version of Sophocles’ from the Berlin-based director Max Reinhardt, nofmannsthal what he came up with was groundbreaking.

Strauss, whose name was synonymous with “artistic scandal” on both sides of the Atlantic, was no stranger to controversy, but even so, many of the opera’s original commentators were unusually vitriolic in their condemnation. InElektra may have been disturbing, but it was also disturbingly familiar and at the start of the 21st century, it seems so again. Hlfmannsthal – who had reworked his own “free adaptation” of Sophocles’ Electra to form the libretto – was depicted holding the Greek dramatist down while Strauss battered him to death with a cymbal stick.

Opera: Elektra complex | Music | The Guardian

hofmannsthxl Numen rated it really liked it Oct 05, Isabel Giunian rated it liked it Feb 28, Klytaemnestra confides to her daughter that she has been suffering nightmares every night and that she still has not found the way to appease the gods.


Chrysothemis comes out of the Palace stating that Orest is inside and that he has killed Klytaemnestra and Aegisth. To ask other readers questions about Elektraplease sign up. At that time, the axe with which she killed her husband and which will be handed to Orest by Elektra, will fall on her.

Also, I had to wait 2 weeks for my copy of the text to arrive. Fran rated it it was amazing Nov 01, Elektra teases her mother with little pieces of information about the right victim that must be slain, but she changes the conversation to her brother and why he is not homannsthal back.

Elektra now starts imagining the day when her father will be avenged and then of the ensuing celebration in which she will lead the hofmansthal dance.

E7boehm rated it it was amazing Aug 09, Then Elektra reveals who is to be the actual victim: The subject matter of Elektra touched every raw nerve in Strauss’s being and explains why he took so long over the score.

Elektra complex

The Mayerling scandal – the double suicide of the drug-ridden heir to the Hapsburg empire and his sex-crazed mistress – would have been fresh in the memories of the opera’s first audiences. Hofmannsthal, far hoffmannsthal emphasising Freud, admitted that his principal influence was Hamlet.

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The ending was weak, made almost no sense and I was thoroughly disappointed as I am usually a fan of tragedies with a female protagonist such as Antigone and Iphegina. One of the worst plays I have ever read. Urs rated it liked it Hofmannstha 23, Strauss and Hofmannsthal were holding up a mirror to their times and many didn’t like the reflection.

But, she claims, once that happens, she will be able to sleep again. Euripides’ Electra ironically questions belief in a metaphysical system that encourages crime only to punish it. Retrieved from ” https: Chrysothemis comes to tell her: Yet beneath some of those early comments lurked distorted vestiges of the truth.

Five servants try to wash the courtyard of the Palace in Mycenae. She asks the gods for the reason for her elsktra, but Elektra appeases her by telling her mother that she is a goddess herself. Elektra goes on to praise her sister and her beauty, promising that Elektra shall be her slave at her bridal chamber in exchange for the assistance in her task. Hofmannssthal rated it it was amazing Oct 07, The new production at Covent Garden later this month serves, perhaps, as a timely reminder that the obsessions of those who consider themselves hogmannsthal leaders are in danger of plunging the world into a self-perpetuating cycle of madness and destruction once more.


Richard Strauss and his world. Chrysothemis does not wish to go on living a half-death in her own house: Only when she wishes that all was over and after envying prisoners in their cells, she will come to realize that her prison is her own body.

Aug 05, beckett74 hotmannsthal it it hofmannsyhal amazing Shelves: Lance Loeffler rated it liked it Dec 09, Before the opera begins, Agamemnon has sacrificed Iphigenia on the ruse that she is to be married, and subsequently goes off to war against Troy.

Marina Sonnenbarke rated it it was amazing Dec 16, This was made worse homannsthal the introduction of the ‘s film production which was odd and disturbing. She goes on to describe how the gods must be appeased once and for all. Chrysothemis begs Elektra to leave, wishing only to speak to her mother. Elektra is at once terrifying and elating, and to experience it is to go beyond the limits of reason into a world of naked, epektra emotion.

Strauss was a secretive man, and his chirrupy letters to Hofmannsthal make no mention of the trauma he was going through, namely that the text was triggering deep hofmanbsthal deriving from his own ambivalent attitude towards his parents. The playwright most strongly influenced by Hofmannsthal was Eugene O’Neill, who first read Elektra in the mids, and was inspired to write Mourning Becomes Electra as a result.

Opera hofmanmsthal Richard Strauss. Maria Elena rated it liked it Jun 16,