May 3, 2020

Deciding and Parting. Display it in the King’s Chambers. There is a connection to the spirits that will carry you through. Cry out even in adversity. This decree. 43 — Resoluteness — HEXAGRAM NUMBER FORTY-THREE –. RESOLUTENESS. Other titles: Break-through, The Symbol of Decision, Resolution. Hexagram 43 is called 夬, guai, which is generally understood to mean’decision’ or ‘resoluteness’ or ‘breakthrough’. The oldest forms of the.

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Seek clarity and the rationale for current practices.

I Ching Hexagram #43:

Changes to 58 Joy. The misfortune of being “strong in the cheekbones” suggests that determined action accomplishes more than expressions of righteous indignation. It reaches everyone, but no-one can reach it: Hi Dirk, Hex 43 is about ousting a dark element the yin line at the top that is spoiling things. Make a hexagramw and announce it to all.

Regenerate Success comes when you untangle the knots and soften the glare. Log in Log in requires javascript Username or email: If you’re not yet a member, you’re welcome to join here. Evening and night, bearing arms. Among his own adherents “In his own city” he must prevent any tendency to resort to armed conflict. Beware of lack of resolution hfxagrama selfish hoarding.


iChing Determination

GuaiDeciding and Parting refers to making an oracular message or pronouncement known or notifying the Ancestor at the Earth Altar of an important move: Like a hero being tested in their sincerity, obstacles are not a reason to give up and if you know you will succeed you will.

There is more examination and hxagrama needed in this situation. In the short term, this might make things easier, but not in the end. Circle of Meanings A critical moment, a breakthrough; make a decision and announce it; divide, cut off, separate, part from the past; act clearly, move quickly, be resolute, prompt, certain, clear; the parting of two rivers, a parting of the ways; clean out an old wound, bring the hidden to light.

To be powerful in the cheekbones brings misfortune.

If he could follow others, like a sheep led along, he might accomplish something, but he will not listen to advice. It includes the idea of parting with the past through the image of rivers separating and of a decisive moment, a critical time for a breakthrough.

This hexagram symbolizes a marshy lake being drawn sucked towards the sky. He has strong toes. This inner re-organization leads to harmony hwxagrama others.


A balanced viewpoint roots out error. But the superior man, bent on cutting off the criminal, will walk alone and encounter the rain, till he be hated by his proper associates as if he were contaminated by the others.

Breakthrough Hu Gua hidden influence 1 Creative: The way you handle things requires radical overhaul to overcome stagnation, inefficiency and bias. You don’t understand, yet insist on pushing ahead anyway. The entire structure you presented is incredibly helpful! It is essential to make the danger known to the people, but not to resort to force now.

Mature in the cheekbones; there is inauspiciousness. Thanks for signing up!

Walking in the middle remains free of blame. However, this line displays a strength that is balanced and conscientious: But if you keep your motivation pure, even association with disruptive influences will leave you free of blame in the end.