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Editorial Reviews. Review. ‘A superb book. A complex story line, handled with dazzling assurance moving and profound. Ruth Prawer Jhabvala has not only . Complete summary of Ruth Prawer Jhabvala’s Heat and Dust. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Heat and Dust. Ruth Prawer Jhabvala’s Heat and Dust is the Coldplay of literature. Far too dull to loathe, in short.

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This study guide contains the following sections: A young English woman goes to India to reconstruct the life of Olivia, her grandfather’s first wife. Olivia had married Douglas in England some 50 years earlier and moved with him to Satipur, India.

After she first met the Nawab—at a dinner party at his palace in Khatm—she was certain he would, within the week, visit her in Satipur. She was jeat he arrived with his full retinue and stayed the day.

It prawerr after that first visit she began writing Marcia. Olivia and the Nawab first become friends and then lovers. When she realized she was pregnant, she told the Nawab pprawer then her husband Douglas and she had the Begum, the Nawab’s mother, arrange an abortion. Following the abortion, she went directly to the palace in Khatm and the Nawab later purchased and maintained a house for her in X, a small village in the steep foothills of the Himalayas he never spoke of her again publicly.


Olivia died in the s, a few years after the Nawab, a quarter century before the narrator arrived in India. Against British custom, Olivia had also had her body cremated and her ashes spread on the mountainside.

The young woman who came to India to ruht more about Olivia is the narrator—neither her name nor the exact year she arrived are ever stated.

Looking back at the Booker: Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

She takes a room in Satipur and visits the house in which Olivia and Douglas had lived it had been subdivided into several government offices, in one of which Inder Lal, her new landlord, works. She first visited the Nawab’s palace with Inder Lal.

She first visited the shrine of Baba Firdau on the day of an annual fertility festival the “Husband’s Wedding Day”with Inder Lal’s mother and her friends.

When she subsequently visits the shrine with Inder Lal, the two become lovers near the spot where Jhabvalx and the Nawab had become lovers in The midwives in Satipur can tell the jhabvalla is pregnant before she herself realizes it. The haet concludes with the narrator, whose choice is to carry her child to term, having arrived in X she has taken a room; she has stood inside Olivia’s house. The narrator has heard there is an ashram further up the mountain although she does not know how long she will stay, she says she rarely looks down.


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