May 11, 2020

Haim Ginott was born in Israel in He studied clinical psychology at Columbia University in New York City, earning his doctoral degree in During his. revisit Ginott’s congruent communication after thirty years and suggest that his theories continue to have rel- evance for middle and secondary school educators . Haim Ginott: Discipline through Congruent Communication Jillian Holst Haim Ginott Clinical psychologist, child therapist, parent educator, and.

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Good communication cannot take place if one party feels belittled.

Haim Ginott:Discipline through Congruent Communication

Haim Ginott was born in Israel in Teachers should not pry into their privacy nor should they mask their own emotions to try to hide something. For example, if a typical disruption occurs like a student out of their seat, the teacher could quietly tell that student that it is distracting for others to have someone walking around the room rather than yelling in front of the class.

Also, many teachers would say that they try to be accepting and respectful of their students. Third, there are cultural considerations to take into account. During his life, Ginott was a clinical psychologist, parent educator, and author.

For this same reason, it is also important to have the rules and specific consequences posted and remind students of them often. His congruent communication has had a positive impact on many classrooms. Different communication styles, languages, boundaries, implied knowledge and methods of discipline in the home can have an impact on classroom behavior.


This could be done in a class meeting setting, a daily opener or an evaluation process of some kind. Retrieved from ” https: In general, teachers should accept their students both for their person and for the behavior.

This suggests that teachers must neither prejudge students nor hold grudges against them for previous misbehaviors.

Name-calling, sarcasm, and other forms of put-downs should always be avoided. In other words, teachers should deal with classroom problems using non-aggressive language and that the overall classroom atmosphere should be dealt with, not individual behavior problems. Teachers confer dignity on their students by treating them as social equals capable of making good decisions.

Main Points

Some students are brought up not trusting others and wanting to manipulate. There is 1 pending change awaiting review. This is a useful technique for getting students used to procedures and also helps keep negative feelings at bay. Revisiting Ginott’s congruent communication after thirty years Many students do not. In fact, the idea of basing a classroom on commuhication communication is widely regarded as essential to student learning and self-esteem.

Haim GINOTT: DISCIPLINE THROUGH congruent COMMUNICATION by Pamela Patrick on Prezi

Ginitt he moved on to work with troubled children at the Jacksonville Guidance Clinic in Florida. He believed that children are supported by strict boundaries and rules. Rewards, on the other hand are often not understood or put pressure on students to perform and should therefore be given very carefully.


Haim Ginott was born in Israel in Both of these approaches indicate of idea of picking your battles and gjnott the original disruption versus the one the teacher would make resolving it. This does not mean just language barriers, which do exist in many places, but children who have never learned how to have a mature conversation. He encouraged parents and teacher to set clear boundaries for behaviors while acknowledging and exploring emotions feelings.

So what is congruent communication?

Classroom Management Theorists and Theories/Haim Ginott

First, Ginott went back to school as a young man to become a psychologist. He believed that there was no such thing as an unacceptable child, only unacceptable behaviors.

This site uses cookies. What indicators do you think Ginott could have used to evaluate how successful teachers are at communicating with their students. Ginott defines this practice as harmonious communication between teacher and students. Others are brought up to remain in silence when an adult is speaking.