May 7, 2020

ordinances (Hackfleisch-Verordnung, Geflügelfleischhygiene-Verordnung, .. Since January the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority is. WOA1 * Costa-Soler Jacques Device for directly refrigerating the skewer of kebab meat on the rotary spit after the latter has. This up-date, covering and , consists of three main parts: “ Kanadier können eine Scheibe von der deutschen Hackfleischverordnung abschneiden.

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West Germans, one the other hand, had more access to Americans and the American way of life and after World War 2, they imitated or borrowed a lot of things from the American culture and language.

They do not like noise, very true. Where I am from, it is normal to attend a dance school from age when you are allowed to go to the club. The blocking of public paths because no one can walk in a manner that acknowledges you are sharing the path with others! I loved eating it! Our eyes crossed and we kinda started staring at each other grumpily until he cracked and then we both started laughing. They smoke, talk on their phones, hold their umbrellas, drink coffee sometimes simultaneously and then they veer to and fro as though no one else is around of course they do that walking too.

I love Kiel, cannot wait to move back after our stint in Bayern is done. They have made me aware of many of those things on the list, which the average German would not notice or even question. Oh ja, a Bratwurst would be great right about now — ready to go sleep just now — but would always, always have time for a Bratwurst.


What I Know About Germans – Liv Hambrett

Really, nott everyone wants to live in Berlin. Try to cope with it — also, like Germans in general, they tend to warm up after they get to know you better.

Truly, I love lists like that. Yes, the How to Piss of a German list is good fun, and written by a very cool guy.

[The new minced meat regulations]. [German] [1976]

As a German I can say that this is pretty accurate! As a laid-back American, married for two years to a no-nonsense, non flipflop appreciating German, I have cried in frustration more that laughed in sheer joy since I moved to Germany.

Hahahaha this comment has MADE my day. The clapping, the stamping, the jumping — you guys just get right in there!

[The new minced meat regulations]. [German]

And he puts sugar on it! Oh Olivia, this is brilliant. Examples are medicine, pharmaceutical and food area, hackfleischveroordnung, mechanical engineering and construction, automotive industry, aerospace, optics and electronics industry as well as hacofleischverordnung making.

Hahaha I think HE thinks that too! And I do miss the German bread and rolls! Thank you very very much dear miss! Go on with this and I go on with laughing in my wicked sense of humor! They and dogs in general have been beaten by cats years ago anyways. PAID toilets are something totally different thou, eg. Those are always clean and nice, no doubt about that. One would address people by their last name unless one was told to use the DU instead of the SIE and first name and this tow was done following the same rule which applies to the hand shake.


I adore Kiel, in fact, I adore the north. Subsequently, the sample with the weight of the test piece as well as a receptacle for a certain time 10s has been charged. I spoke German fluently too.

If I want sweet I will eat Lindt chocolats. And why do we speak English so well? I think I want to live there someday!! In Germany in any city and in the rest of the world in hackfleischverirdnung city, as well. I thought we ride bikes like everyone else would do!!! Only Americans used to do that back then in Germany and America and some still do.

I laughed out loud. As a german, who is ashamed of this fact: Frank the frank hat recht! Did you like it? Mett is a thing you can only love or hate.

And point — my God, drives me crazy.

I watched two teens jaywalk yesterday and did the German shake of my head.