May 31, 2020

This page lists fan-created spells, using the GURPS Ritual Path Magic system from the supplement of the same name. To submit your own. Over the last night and this morning, I made a cheat sheet for ritual path magic. It uses a lot of tables from the GURPS Basic Set and from Ritual. I’ve done subjective comparisons of the Ritual Path Magic system before, but I haven’t ever spoken directly to the book in which it is contained.

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There are, in fact over 80 spells, which is a very ptah offering in my opinion. If it isn’t subtle, its a greater effect. The Nerf we’ve started with is that no one can spend more energy on effects in the Spell Modifiers Table pg 18 than they have levels in Magery. I hope to get to a point someday where we can use it again in our campaigns.

You consider moving 15 tons of something that isn’t on wheels absurd? Require each path to be dual specialized by both a subcategory and effect like Grps of energy create heat.

The sample quirks lists as a sample triple quirk gaining a lasting 10 point disadvantage. You’ve never tried ritul ritual before so it’s difficult to work at first.

The problem we’re running into is its just too powerful as written. Let’s take a closer look then at this supplement and see what I like about it.

Also, here’s some fun legal boilerplate:. Seriously, I don’t see how anyone thinks its even remotely balanced vs. Instead, the fallout of a mis-casted spell depends on the magnitude of its effect.


The caster can use downtime to prep, but the stockpile of grups spells is limited and set beforehand.

Enter the relevant data into the appropriate fields. So someone with Magery 5 can only achieve durations of 6 hours, someone with Magery 10 could manage 2 weeks, etc.

Let’s GURPS: Ritual Path Magic: Cheat Sheet

Remember to keep everything at full price. This is a 56 page PDF, where the first chapter starts on page 4, and the main content ends on page 53 with a 2 page index after, giving us 50 pages of guros. Enter the name of your spell and submit it.

See how the system works with over 80 sample rituals that cover all the major effects the average caster relies on, such as healing, injury, communication, and protection.

With this system, you can augment the arcanists of the GURPS Monster Hunters series or other modern-day magical mythswend new ways for wizened wizards, and provide new possibilities gurpx power for any setting. Find More Posts by ericthered. A quirk is ‘this spell failed, but we’re going to let you do it anyway’. We’ve thought about just rewriting the Spell Modifiers Table from scratch cause even with my nerf, its still only 7 energy to lift 15 tons, or 10 energy for tons!

Totem Spirits My Blog: I like to learn through reading. Pqth Post Older Rktual Home. What can’t it do? Thaumatology – Ritual Path Magic. Maybe more points are needed in advantages?

GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic

You can’t gather ambient paty. At Skill, they will get at least one quirk every 4 rolls, and quirks are ugly – not merely annoying. Anyone else modified the standard RPM system to sort of tone it down? This is recommended in Thaumatology: To submit your own, follow these steps:. I think what I mean to say is that I wish that the defaults made them a little less rare, but I guess depending on what I want, I could just massage maglc parameters a little.


Other than that, the pull quotes are good, and the art seems consistent.

[RPM] Nerfing Ritual Path Magic – Steve Jackson Games Forums

I know I’m late to the party, but oh boy. This follows the idea of skill familiarity but each ritual would count as a skill. This game aid is the original creation of Ben Gauronskas and is released for free distribution, and not for resale, under the permissions granted in the Steve Jackson Games Online Policy http: Overview P-Shaped table of contents. I have my own project to get all the abbreviated details I need on one page, but it’s a private thing because sharing it would be, you know, blatant copyright infringement.

So when you not only make an RPM cheat sheet, but also make a metric version, you have my vote for President. As an added bonus, the chapters all have a continuous anecdote reflecting on the story of Cole Jenkins. Click here to edit contents of this page.

This supplement empowers you to: So I’m running a lower magic setting game, but we’re trying to use RPM as the standard magic system because everyone really likes it. You Can Do Anything! Can you elaborate on why you feel RPM is overpowering? That’s a pretty straightforward way to tone it down. Create account or Sign in.