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Peace for Congo Network consists of a group of Italian missionaries and laypeople who lived in the Democratic Republic of guisntes Congo, witnessing the tragedy firsthand. Guisanets NGO works to raise awareness of the Congolese tragedy and urges authorities to make decisions that will benefit the country.

For more newsletters and information in English and Spanish about the Congo conflict, go to their website. Below are a few examples:. The organisation promotes the teaching of Spanish as a second language and encourages the use of Spanish among native speakers.

laine :: Guisantes vacances pdf

The NGO largely seeks to lend its services to foreigners living in Spain, hoping to start by translating its website into English, Chinese, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.

We are still looking for a volunteer to translate from Spanish or English into Chinese, so do get in touch if you would be interested in guisante on this project. However, the Bacances version has been translated by our volunteers and will be available online within the next few months.

Vxcances Spanish NGO works to increase the availability of musical activities to people with physical, cognitive or sensory disabilities and to encourage their participation. The organisation aims to raise awareness of sexual diversity on an international scale. November and August This PerMondo article is about the use of electronic coins to carry out online transactions and explores themes of security and privacy, discussing the possible implications of a decentralised currency.

In November we translated the bitcoin article into English in addition to other languages like Vacaces Link to Bitcoin article in GermanFrench link to bitcoin article in French and Portuguese Link to Bitcoin article in Portuguese.

This national organisation strives for international solidarity by uniting over French NGOs. Their work involves development aid, environmental protection and defence of human rights. Some of our projects for this NGO are the following:.

One of our PerMondo volunteers translated a 1,word document from French into English. Link to Coordination Sud. Mujer Frontera is an NGO founded by women from all over the world, many of whom were victims of trafficking themselves. The NGO seeksto raise awareness of, and combat,human trafficking. We have translated thus guide from Spanish into Portuguese.

Our volunteers have also translated 8 shorter documents from Spanish into English. October — November The NGO provides different therapies, including creative, sporting and social therapies, as well as helping to reintegrate people into daily life. We have recently translated their website from Spanish into English, allowing them to reach a wider readership and increasing awareness about mental health support.

We performed another translation for this important NGO, whose main goals include combating malnutrition and providing healthy living conditions and water supplies to those in need.

A team of volunteers have worked together to translate several documents from Spanish into English, amounting to over 12, words.

We also helped to translate a 2,word document from Spanish into English in September and 2 other documents from Spanish into English and French and words in August This Catalan charity was founded with vaacances main objective of gaining a better understanding of Down Syndrome through guissntes and practical work and supporting both people with DS and their families from birth till adulthood.

  IEC 60480 PDF

WMCW consists of 50 organisations on 4 continents, all working to improve the living conditions of workers and their families, while promoting solidarity and encouraging its members to guisntes participate in social change. They want to ensure that everyone has access to decent work and dignity in their job, in a fair, fraternal and sustainable society.

We have recently translated a document from Spanish into English and German. Our PerMondo volunteers also translated a document from English into Spanish. Basically, since then we are translating many articles on a regular basis from and into Spanish, English, German and French. Red de Aarde is an NGO that works to protect the environment,also operating in the field of animal and nature conservation. In gkisantes fundraising, this NGO also carries out recycling and energy-saving campaigns to promote the preservation of the planet.

Link to Red de Aarde. The Paris-based NGO seeks to strengthen the healthcare system in the countries where it operates, allowing them to provide quality medical care that is accessible and vafances.

In order to reach an even wider public, we have translated the court documents into Gguisantes and English as well. This Germany-based NGO is an International Centre for Organic Agriculture of Central and Eastern Europe and promotes everything related to organic agriculture,offering a network to exchange information.

We helped this NGO to translate documents into English in addition to other languages.

Link to newsletter number 32 from EkoConnect. This important London-based NGO aims to build peace in any local conflict. Peace Direct is convinced that local peacebuilders can make a difference in their own environment and that they can build a better future.

We have helped to translate the general conditions for the site Insight on Conflict, created by Peace Direct. Link to Insight on Conflict. Vadances recently lent them our services again, translating 3 documents from French into English.

Although it was an urgent project, we were able to complete all the translations on time. Link to Peace Direct’ Bulletin in Spanish.

Guisantes vacances pdf file

Link to Peace Direct’ Bulletin in French. In our first collaborative effort, we have translated part of a legal case from Spanish into German. Vadances hope that by translating the court documents into Guisahtes and French, their message will reach a greater readership. June and July Izas was diagnosed with gliomatosis cerebri when she was 3 years old. Since this form of vzcances is untreatable, there was no hope for her.

The campaign promotes research, donation of tissue and,in general, an increased awareness of the disease in the medical community and amongfamilies and society as a whole. We have been translating their website from Spanish into English and French, with the help of our volunteers. Link to Izas, la princesa guisante. This Italian NGO was founded in and has 3 main missions: We are currently translating an article for them from Italian into English.

The main aim of this not-for-profit organisation is to bring guisantea people of different cultures and places to create a more plural and tolerant society. We have helped them with the translation of an article from Spanish into English and French. This Spanish association aims to promote the family and provide help in the guusantes of direct activities that foster family ties, which are essential for the development of the person avcances society.

Mujer Frontera is an international project that works to raise awareness of, and combat, human trafficking. We are currently translating from Spanish into English and French a word guide to the issue of human trafficking, written by victims of trafficking.

  3RT1017 1AK61 PDF

The NGO is free from the influence of propaganda and is not swayed by the incentives of the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries. We have just finished translating 2 documents from Spanish into English. We have helped with a new translation of an article guisanntes English into Spanish. In the following months, we also translated several articles into English and Spanish.

This is not the first time that we have collaborated with the Spanish Commission for Refugee Assistance. This is not the first time that we have worked with this Italian NGO and we lent them our services again. Guisantez di Adwa was founded in and works to sends aid guieantes and sponsor children in Ethiopia, a country shattered by years of war.

Link to Amici di Adwa. The Toma de Mi Foundation manages all kinds of goods considered basic necessities, such as, food, clothes and educational tools, social reinsertion and access to decent housing. They then distribute these goods to those most vzcances need. Hola Ghana is an NGO that provides vwcances most disadvantaged children with access to education in order to improve their prospects.

We began collaborating with Hola Ghana; initially by translating its website from Spanish into English. It works towards a better and fairer world in which care for the environment, respect for human rights and understanding between people and places are a reality.

We collaborated with this association again, translating a document from Spanish into English. The Multidisciplinary Association for Development in Nicaragua promotes active participation within communities through the use of collective learning and democratic practices.

Through this, the NGO empowers the community and is able respond to problems of vulnerable sectors in society.

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One of our volunteers has also translated this report from English into Spanish so that it can be shared with the team in Nicaragua. The organisation provides information about the condition and offers an exercise guide, created by its members, for those affected. One of our volunteers has translated 5 medical texts including abstracts of scientific studies 2, words in total from English vacacnes Spanish. The NGO is fighting against the injustice of the international guksantes system and the corruption and economic mayhem it has produced.

We have recently translated a series of videos in French, German and English which were transcribed for us by native volunteers.

Another team of volunteers translated the speech and helped to create subtitles in Guisanets. Link to Together Its Possible. In this recent project, we translated a study conducted by the German scientist, Dr.

His research work focuses on the effects the modern environment e. This particular article tackles the controversial theme of mobile phone masts, and their health vacancex. Having been translated from German into Spanish, the text is now available on our website. Finished in August Link to the article on our website. WAPR is a global initiative for the mentally ill.

In our first collaboration with this association, we are translatinga bulletin of words from English into Spanish. This is quite a hefty project over As this was quite a hefty project over The Research Institute was founded in guisants investigate and improve the quality of Waldorf Education and to deal with educational issues.