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Resolution. By greengecko. Rating: 15+; Chapters: 83; Reviews: 1,; Views: , Sequel to Resonance and Revolution. Harry enters his second year as . NOT MINE- Just wanted to read the rest of the story. its still being updated on You are viewing a story from Sequel to Resonance and Revolution. Unresolved events in Harry’s childhood haunt him, as do the alternative paths his life could have taken.

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A stiff breeze blew in off the Mediterranean, ruffling the promotional brochures lined up on a side table across from the front desk. How did I miss this update. Returning his attention to his plate, Snape said, “That wand and its brother were both intended for Voldemort. The wandmaker’s line “Do you wish me ersolution remake another. The next day flew by.

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As the story opens, the characters are dealing with the aftermath of the most recent greengeckk and the destruction that accompanied it. Harry took a deep swig of his beer. Everyone is questioning that little paragraph.


I certainly cannot help you if I do not know what is happening to you. I was thinking of the Wizengamot as separate from the Ministry. He did not mean to be difficult.

Descent Harry finds even more trouble. The weight of the glass balanced the wand so that he resolugion hold it with a single finger under the front of the handle.

Makes me feel like taking her by the shoulders and giving her a shake, ” Geez, Suze – have a little more faith in Harry”. Insinuation Harry’s friends begin to take action. Harry would have disregarded this comment, previously.

Suze followed Butrude out on slow feet. Snape tapped Harry on his unbandaged shoulder, saying, “It is time again. By the end of the letter, Harry was certain he would have lacked sufficient devious creativity to succeed in Slytherin House. At Candide’s insistence, they had come by aeroplane, but now that Harry knew where he was, he could slip into the Dark Plane and home again with little effort.

If not, no worries.

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Weasley stood in the middle of the room, staring upward, hands on hips. I want to see it. He found Lupin’s owl waiting on the sideboard, sitting stately, blinking one eye.


Harry looked at his watch. Snape nodded and Harry moved to consolidate her pizza with his on his plate. Harry stared at the letter, which had become random curved lines that spoke of reserved emotion.

Fine, but inconsistent with the book’s style. Ron fell back on the bed and, within minutes, began to snore.

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Suze forced greentecko lungs to draw in rgeengecko full breath. Yielding Harry visits Ollivander’s in search of a new wand. Want to Read saving…. It saddens me that they decide his future in the Auror program. She reached beneath the table and brought up a crystal globe.

Daemondice rated it liked it Jun 27, Threats were never predictable. Without a pause, they cast harmless spells back and forth. His hand rubbed his abdomen, then he pulled his watch and glanced at it.