February 22, 2021

Grapholita funebrana is able to develop on many wild and cultivated stone fruits and other plants in the family Rosaceae. This pest occurs in Europe, the Middle. Superfamily: Tortricoidea. Family: Tortricidae. Subfamily: Olethreutinae. Tribe: Grapholitini. Genus: Grapholita. Subject: Grapholita funebrana (Treitschke). BF Plum Fruit Moth Grapholita funebrana. Treitschke, Wingspan mm. This species is locally common in the southern half of England.

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The enemies of our orchards. The plum moth in France in the years Zoebelein, ; EPPO, Problems of the control of injurious insects in agriculture in Iran. Bulletin of Entomological Research.

The Ray Society, London, England. The feeding signs resemble those of the larva of the sawfly Hoplocampa flava Linn.

Biological, microbiological and chemical control of the plum moth Laspeyresia funebrana Tr. Contribution to the study of adult behaviour and observations on the persistence of the attractant in dipensers.

Grapholita funebrana

Gilligan and Marc E. Revision of the Nearctic Ichneumon-flies belonging to the genus Macrocentrus. Investigations on the response of lepidopteran sex pheromones of temperate fruit pests in Himachal Pradesh, India.


Use of pheromone traps in agricultural warning systems. Go to distribution map European dwarf cherry Rosaceae Prunus japonica Thunb.

A short review of the state of agriculture in the district of Katta-Kurgan in A contribution to knowledge of the elements for determining the economic threshold of injuriousness for the species Grapholitha funebrana Tr. Achievements in biological control in Poland during and prospects for the future.

Biological data on fruit moths. Rastitelna Zashchita, 21 3: Seriya Biologicheskikh Nauk, 4: Kagan F; Lewartowski R, Grapholiga funebrana Scientific classification Kingdom: Rosaceae Rosa davurica Pall. Results of the work of the laboratory of biological control at the Institute for Plant Protection.

The results of yield trials. The influence of the parasite on the first and second generation of the pest. Don’t need the entire report?

Recherches sur le Carpocapse des prunes Laspeyresia Grapholita funebrana Grpholita. Like many of its congenersit is sometimes placed in Cydia. Damage caused by G. For further information, we recommend you visit the following resources: Distribution Maps Top of page You can pan and zoom the map.

plum fruit moth, Grapholita funebrana Lepidoptera: Tortricidae

Report on insect pests and fungus diseases of the field and orchard in Plum Fruit Moth Grapholita funebrana. Larvae may appear similar to those of many other species of Grapholita and Cydia. Chen and Fuunebrana provide a molecular assay to distinguish G.


Datasheet Grapholita funebrana red plum maggot. Synthetic pheromones in integrated pest management in peach and plum orchards in Italy.

Adult Recognition

Media related to Grapholita funebrana at Wikimedia Commons. Possibilities and limitations of selective methods of control of tortricid pests of orchards. Microbial preparations for the control of tortricids in orchards on the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar region.

Razowski J; Kumata T, Forecasting the occurrence and signalling funwbrana control date of the plum moth Laspeyresia funebrana Tr. Introduction Van der Grrapholita and Evenhuisand Charmillot reviewed natural and chemical control of the Tortricidae. Tortricidae of Europe, Vol. Entrance holes are barely visible. Possibilities for the use of synthetic sex pheromones to control the plum fruit moth.