July 4, 2020

GraphicConverter is a graphics utility that imports more than graphic added; option to import only the first page of multipage TIFFs added. I opened a PDF form with GraphicConverter and found that by using On a multi -page PDF file, only the page actually open would be saved. Can Graphic Converter do this for me? The people at the print shop seem to think they can do it, but if I can do it myself I will worry a bit less.

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GraphicConverter is able to open and import approx.

In order to enable you to exhange pictures with other users GraphicConverter currently allows you to save your pictures in approx. Depending on the format used, GraphicConverter offers a variety of settings for the import and export of files.

Animation from the Autodesk Animator. FLI supports 8 bits at x pixel. FLC support 8 bits at x pixel. FLH supports high color. Creates an image in a folder by creating custom file icons ; this is very usefull for cd-rom creation. Supports 1 to 8 bit per pixel. The specificiations of the 24 bit per pixel variant was never offical released. Supports 24 bits per pixel or grays. Additional EXIF multupage from digital cameras is supported.

Archive format from Visioneer Paperport. Supports 1, 4, 8 and 32 bit. Standard UNIX file format for easy exchange of images. Support 1, 8 or 24 bit per pixel. Support 1, 4 and 8 bit per pixel.

The new variant supports 24 bit per pixel, too. You can use the raw filter to grapnicconverter raw data. You have to specify the width, multipagge and color depth during opening or saving such a file.


This file can be placed in the system folder ; so, the Mac OS will display the image during startup. The prices apply exactly for orders through FastSpring and via PayPal. That means you can test the product free of charge and without any obligations before you purchase it.

Graphiccomverter satisfaction is very important to us. Therefore you will not just get qualified answers to your questions, wishes and suggestions — you will normally receive a reply within 24 hours. No matter whether you are already a customer or not. Import and export formats. Apple File Icon – X – These files only contain the file icon. By pressing Command-I in the operating system, you can click and copy it in the dialog that opens before setting it for another file with Command-V.

H – X – Image is converted to C source code, e. All images contained are imported. Used in some games.

Contains normally x-rated content. Format of the Dr. Used for large maps. It may contain animations. Normally used for science. Format was created by CompuServe Inc.

Graphic Converter

GRP X – – Uses 1 or 4 bit per pixel. This format is normally used from plotters. Supports all color depths. IMQ X – – Satellite image format. But it uses the zlib compression. If necessary, use the X version geaphicconverter GraphicConverter under Rosetta. Vector format of the Lotus spreadsheet application.

MRC X – – Format of microscops. This is a lot used at the US government.

Supports x pixel at 16 colors. Supports 1 or 2 bit per pixel. The following formats are supported: It supports 1, 2, 4, 8 and 24 bits per pixel. Variant of the JPEG format. Supports 1, 8, 24 bit per pixel. The format is identical with PCX. Supports grays or 24 bit.


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Support 1 bit per pixel. Supports 32 bits per pixel. Used for video applications. Supports x pixel at colors. Supports 8 or 24 bit per pixel. VoXEL X – – x pixel at grays format. Webp X X – Format for the Internet without ,ultipage data. Contains vector and bitmap images. It can contain bitmap and vector images. X11 X – – Bitmap. Used for small photos in newsgroups.

YUV X – – Diskus format. Format from medical technology that is made up of two files: These files only contain the file icon. Image is converted to C source code, e. International standarized file format for exchange of image with vector and bitmap content. Apple Works document format. Format for pictures with 16×16 pixels that are displayed in the address bar in front of the URL. GraphicConverter can only open this Microsoft format in the UB version.

Palm Pilot database format. Many digital cameras can create raw files. Format of the image library of Lighting Press or Printmaster. Clipboard format when copying or moving data on System 7 or higher. HD photo format from Microsoft. All readable images it contains will be opened in a multiple-page document.