April 30, 2020

Nandakishore said: I came to know that this book is finally available in India onl Book contains the original statement given by Nathuram Godse (Assassin of. The encounter was described by Nathuram’s brother and co-conspirator and fellow convict (though he was only jailed and not hanged) Gopal Godse, in his book. Nathuram Godse: The Story of an Assassin [Anup Sardesai] on * FREE* Books; ›; Biographies & Memoirs; ›; Leaders & Notable People. Enter your . This person is Nathuram Vinayakrao Godse, India’s most hated criminal.

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If this would haven’t banned then every Indian would have knew about the ill-mentality of Gandhi of keeping him before nation. It’s always good to know both sides of a story.

Nathuram Godse

But he and his supporters including Nehru did all for saving their own thrones post independence. Godae that was not a drama. But where is the line? Apart from going on fasting he did nothing.

The plan was to create an impression that people were angry with Bapu for his insistence on reciting Islamic prayers and the murder happened as an eruption of spontaneous fury against his obduracy. A tendency to paint people as god or the devil and this is exactly the case with both Mr.

No trivia or quizzes yet. However, as justification for murder, one cannot accept any kind of eloquence. He was the third among the four sons of Vinayak Godse and Lakshmi who survived infancy. Godse started a Marathi language newspaper for the Hindu Mahasabha called Agranigodsee some nook later was renamed Hindu Rashtra. View all 9 comments. Defence Defence National International Industry.

This is what is destroying idea of India. This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat Dattatraya Parchure of Gwalior was arrested for helping them procure the gun and he confessed everything. Tunisia make special efforts to promote Mahatma Gandhi. Archived from the original on 24 February But Gandhi did not.


The book throws light into the political situation prevailing in the country. SavarkarNathuram GodseVishnu Karkare. Godse also asked, what was the need for Pakistan if India is a secular state? Let the people decide whether he was right or wrong.

Ironically, had Nathuram not killed him, Gandhi would have lost his credibility within a couple of years as he was not unbiased in his approach not only for communities but also for persons as was seen in the case of Subhash Chandra Bose.

He was the last among them to die and lived his last days in Pune. It gives a great insight into the way Godse thought and the events leading to the assasination. I read the Hindi version of this book.

Why I Assassinated Mahatma Gandhi by Nathuram Godse

There were two organisations with whom all the accused were closely associated — the RSS and the Hindu Mahasabha. I would not dwell much upon this sensitive topic, but t Firstly, I am lucky to get paper copy of this banned book. So buy that one which has around pages.

Muslims are alien to our country and violent, Gandhi gifted India to the Muslims through his appeasement, he allowed the British and Jinnah to partition the country The version was poorly edited. In his own words, he said that he kept country over some single living figure.

Retrieved 9 October Entire statement is more than pages. But as time went on contrasting thoughts about The Mahatma started coming out How he compares Gandhi to the proverbial gambler, who kept raising the stakes just to appease Jinnah, failed miserably but still kept on repeating the same mistakes.

They abandoned it after not being able to even cock it. Company Corporate Trends Deals. The book gives Maybe time has justified his acts. Women were raped, children were killed, whole dynasty of most of the families did extinct in civil riots but he was saving his ass in the Birla house, British donation to one of the many Indian Sycophants.


The time when every sort of Indian trying to get rid of British rule in India, this Bluff-master kept trying his ill instincts to rule the country rather than helping to let us be a free nation. The answers to these questions continue to be as disheartening as in and we continue to languish under the policy and legacy of a man who was too proud to admit his shortcomings.

Since, till his death, not a single time was that when he got succeed in his mission which he showed he was on. Retired engineer has stamps of Mahatma Gandhi.

A good read for anyone who wants to know more about the historical background and the socio cultural context of the incident.

He shot Gandhi in the chest three times at point-blank range. The very foundation of secularism was killed with creation of a new country on communal basis.

View all 17 comments. Well what ever behis decision to eliminate Gandhiji go;al never be accepted as sane,but at least some of the points which he govse forward seems to be genuine This book I suggest for all those who want to understand the history of India and I pray those who decide to read approach the book with a clear mindset