May 2, 2020

Good Natured is a book by primatologist Frans de Waal on animal behavior and the evolution of ethics. Contents. 1 Publishing history; 2 Notes; 3 References. World famous for his brilliant descriptions of Machiavellian power plays among chimpanzees-the nastier side of animal life–Frans de Waal here contends that. Good Natured. Frans de Waal, Author, F. B. M. De Waal, Author, Waal De, Author Harvard University Press $ (p) ISBN

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Must an animal be human to he humane? One way to avoid an out-and-out fight every time resources are discovered is to remember which individuals have prevailed in past competitions and to give deference to such individuals provided that the dominant individual allows the subordinate naturred of the resources to make it worth the subordinate not challenging the dominant in a desperate attempt at survival.

Good Natured

Oct 18, Kate marked it as to-read. De Waal’s is a primatologist who has spent thousands of hours observing apes chimpanzees, bonobos, orangutans, gorillas, humans and monkeys many varieties and his writing is replete antured examples from his own observations that bolster his theories.

There is evidence in chimpanzee communities of quite evolved capacities such as sympathy for others’ distress, mourning the loss of a parent or child, and aaal altruism doing favors for others with no immediate expectation of reward. With sociality and memory come rudimentary sharing among non-related individuals that will benefit both over the long run.


Xe seeing the offending monkey run for cover as quickly as he did amused me. Dec 12, Jeroen rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: His nonsense books, mo …. Nov 16, Craig rated it it was amazing. That this is already happening—albeit largely at a theoretical level—is evident from recent books by, among others, Richard D.

Good Natured Frans B. There is no claim that chimpanzees have a moral code similar to ours, but it is possible to see how moral systems might have emerged from some of these basic elements.

Good Natured – F. B. M. de Waal, Frans de Waal – Google Books

If you’re going to read about animal intelligence – animal emotion – and onwards to animal ethics – oh, do start with Frans naured Waal. A good friend of mine, a scary-smart sciency type who worked at the Yerkes Primate Research Wazl, sent me this book because she knew — before I did — that I don’t actually believe in evolutionary theory when it comes to explaining human behavior.

Stronger individuals have a natural advantage in competing for scarce resources and taking those resources away from others. Smaller chimps will team up to prevent one of their group from being beaten by a larger, more dominant chimp. And as alliances can turn the table on a strong chimp, alliances can also turn the tables on an naturer dominant chimp.

Social Psychology Share This. Jan 10, Bryn Hammond rated waao it was amazing Shelves: There are also dysfunctional societies where what we think of as civilized legal systems have broken down, leaving anarchy. Dec 16, Ben rated it really liked it.


Print hardcover and paperback. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shweder, The Los Angeles Times. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Solitary animals do not exhibit any behavior that approximates morality. Compelling ce well-written examination of the origins of human morality, mostly though our close primate relatives but also looking at other species.

Good Natured: The Origins of Right and Wrong in Humans and Other Animals by Frans de Waal

SnyderShane J. The occasional disagreements within this budding field are far outweighed by the shared belief that evolution needs to be part of any satisfactory explanation of morality.

From outside her range of vision, another monkey came running, scrambled up the tree and flew into the pond, splashing the mother and her baby. As his work makes clear, a morality grounded in biology leads to an entirely different conception naturedd what it means to he human—and humane.

Everyone interested in psychology, philosophy and morality. Must an animal be human For instance, bats, which die if they don’t eat for more than two days, will share meals with non-related goof who were unsuccessful getting food on a particular night – provided that the recipients reciprocate in the future when the tables are turned.