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The Golden Legend has ratings and 15 reviews. Alex said: The Penguin translation is BAD. No footnotes, they omitted some very important saints in lie. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. Compiled by Jacobus de Voragine, Archbishop of Genoa, First Edition Published Theoteinus, a learned man, wrote her legend. And he said to the priests of the idols that the gold and silver that was set about the idols had.

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Dominic82 The Life of S. What his meat was and his clothing, the book of S. He was not only burnt with the heat of the day, ne suffered only the frost of the night, but suffering temptations, now with beatings, now stoned with vogagine, and always among his torments caught the sheep and drew them to the faith from the mouth of the devil.

Longinus, 15 March Lucy, Voraginne, 13 December 5. Ye viragine welcome, my lords, ye be welcome that ye vouchsafe to come to so little and poor a servant, and he said: Alban and Amphiabel, The Nativity of S.

It was also made there a statute that the Virgin Mary should be called the mother of God.

He did do make without the west gate of the town a fair bridge of stone at his proper cost. Goragine the Temple Classics Edited by F.

For him seemed that he saw golren tree stand by his bedside, and that the height thereof touched heaven, and it shined as bright as gold, and had fair branches full of blossoms and fruit. And at the day of the great resurrection they shall not be departed from him. Dreadest thou not Simon, that by certain things affirmeth his godhead?

Then took they the precious body and anointed it with noble ointments, and buried it with much reverence. The abbot sent for the father of the wench that slandered her, and said to him: Louis, Bishop, The Life of S.


Philip, 72 The Life of S. And yet he added hereto more, after Jerome, and said: And all this we may find in Paul, that like to fire and a spirit he hath run throughout all the world, and with his preaching hath purged it.

It is read in the book of S Clement that he said that he should be worshipped of all men as God, and that he might do all that he would. The fourth is the hand working, and therefore he is said marvellous of election, for it was a great miracle when vogagine chose to gloden his dispenses with the labour of his hands, and to preach without ceasing. All this was called the March of Wales, and of all those countries S.

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The Golden Legend

Here followeth the Life of S. The writing is straightforward and goldsn, which was a huge relief after we finished reading the Illiad. Wherefore some of the brethren considering his teaching, took the more strength to them, and were more constant against the enemies of Voeagine faith. But Quendred, that other sister, turned her to wickedness, and had great envy of her brother Kenelm, because he was so rich above her, and laboured with all her power to destroy him, because she would be queen and reign after him, and gooden make a strong poison, and gave it to her brother.

Her husband came from without, and found his wife so sorrowing and desolate, desired to know the cause for to comfort her, but she would receive no consolation.

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The golden legend : lives of the saints

And after midnight, four priests, elected and thereto chosen, approaching to his body, took up the holy head with great devotion and reverence, and unto goldeb all offered it for to kiss it.


Mammertin, 43 The Life of S. O thou man, servant of the great King, bound tofore me, why withdrawest thou my knights and drawest them to thee?

Swithin, the holy confessor, was born beside Winchester in the time of St. Then he made to enquire and to take all christian men, and without examination made them to be tormented with overgreat torments. And after, at the end of the year, Simon returned and was received again into the amity of Nero.

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Paul the apostle was beaten with rods at Philippi, he was put in prison, and by the feet fast set in stocks, he was stoned in Lystra. Eugenia, 68 The Life of S. The Golden Legend or Lives of the Saints. Then John and Paul during these ten days emended to prayer and to alms, and after, on the tenth day, Terentian was sent to them, which said to them: Then let us pray unto God that by their merits he give to us in this world his grace, and in that other his glory.

And there she was received, and meekly did all the offces, and her services were acceptable to everybody. We suppose but that it was not done without cause that they suffered in one day and in one place the sentence of the tyrant, and they suffered death in one time, to the end that they should go together to Jesu Christ, and both under one persecutor to the end that equal cruelty should strain that one and that other.

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