June 19, 2020

I am trying to view a EPS file and it tells me I need a ghostscript plugin. What is it and where do get one?. Dear All, I have installed (latest version each, all portable) – Portable Apps Platform – Ghostscript – Irfan View – Irfan View Plugins It fails opening. I am nto able to figure out where do I link in IrfanView. IrfanView forums looks extremely unfriendly for new registrants and many.

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How to view PDF files in IrfanView

Currently, IrfanView Portable does not look for Ghostscript. We will fix that in the next release.

However, manually entering the path as above allows me to open an eps file here. Same result like above. After that I installed Irfanview and Ghostscript from within the platform and installed the Irfanview-Plugins directly in the Irfanview directory which hopefully is correct.


Download IrfanView ALL plugins

I noted the the ghostscripg. But there is no newer version downloadable from http: I further noted though the “postcript. You need full path with filename, e.

Also ensure that Custom Path is selected in the postscript options dialog. I’ve marked this as a bug, ghostscritp adjusted the title to better reflect the bug. A fix will be coming shortly.

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March 16, – 7: Thanks for your help in advance, sosolala. March 17, – 3: March 17, – IrfanView fails to open EPS – still.

Ghostscript | heise Download

Thanks for your comments. Does anyone have an idea? I run it on WIN7prox64 Thanks for your help and have a nice weekend.

March 17, – 5: Ah, that’s possibly it: With those done, you should have no problem opening an eps file. I’ll get a revision built as soon as possible including this fix. March 17, – 7: March 20, – 5: Gord, mwayne, thanks for taking care. I followed your instruction and it works fine for me now.


[Fixed] IrfanView Portable is missing Ghostscript handling

March 20, – 9: This is fixed in Gord’s release of IrfanView Portable 4. Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you’re awesome! Create irfanvlew account Request new password.