May 6, 2020

The Weavers, naturalistic drama in five acts by Gerhart Hauptmann, published in and performed in as Die Weber. The play is based on the revolt of. Hend said: a drama about a group of poor (the weavers) and their abortive revolt in than Gerhart Hauptmann’s naturalistic masterpiece The Weavers. The Weavers Summary. Gerhart Hauptmann In a large room on the ground floor of Dreissiger’s house the weavers were bringing in their finished webs. Pfeifer.

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The Weavers

The play sympathetically portrays a group of Silesian weavers who staged an uprising during the s due to their concerns about the Industrial Revolution. Dramatic representation of the Weavers Uprising of Is it the words of the publisher, a newspaper or a Goodread’s librarian. You fiends in fashion human, A curse will fall on all like you, Who gerart on man and woman. His romanticism is never anti-rational, quite the opposite.

The Weavers – a play by Gerhart Hauptmann

What harm has a baby like that done that it must come to such a miserable end — eh? We’ll stand it no longer! Fascinating and provocative for it’s tone and proximity to the commoners’ plight, although no where as insightful or moving as major realist authors such as Dickens or Zola, the play is a representation of Marx’s claims in his Communist Manifesto.

But hunger knows no choice; Baumert had his beloved dog killed, because “a nice little bit o’ meat like that does you a lot o’ good.

Stage Review: “The Weavers” and The Art of Starvation

But you must have pity on us, Mr. The burning of Dresden in February,sapped the strength of the year old. They flatter the weaver, and haupfmann the manufacturer nothing but abuse — he’s a cruel man, with a heart like a stone, a dangerous fellow, at whose calves every cur of a journalist may take a bite.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to Die Weber. Hauptmann’s marital life was difficult and in he divorced his wife. Mar 08, Michael Haase rated it liked it. The Wesvers Drama of Today pp. Your email address will not be published.

The labor intensive craft of the weavers had become a thing of the past —- handwork was no longer needed. The 19th century was the century of the industrial revolution and of a scientific revolution as well.

On the one hand, The Weavers is set at the zero hour hauptmaann human endurance, the reduction of the body to nothing but skin and bones.

The Weavers (play) – Wikipedia

Instead of a hero, he has created a mob; this mob is, therefore, the protagonist—or chief character—and if individuals emerge from the rank and file they are not thrust into the foreground to stay long. Theron Arnold rated it liked it Mar 09, No one would believe it that hadn’t seen it. Not a man of hatred but of love and pity, the poet denounced the coldblooded murder policy of total war and deplored the death of a city that had belonged to the common cultural heritage of Europe and mankind.

Retrieved from ” https: For as one of the men says, “What’s to hinder a weaver waitin’ for an hour, or for a day? Books by Gerhart Hauptmann. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter. An’ what’s more — if there’s a rush on Dittrich’s, you will see me in the forefront of it — an’ pity the man as tries to prevent me — I’ve stood it long enough, so now you know it.


The end of the act brings the plot to a higher degree of development, and increases the suspense; Hornig’s words, “It’ll not surprise me if this ends badly,” are clearly prophetic, and prepare for the next act.

In Austria, The Weavers was banned until ; and even then hauphmann was censored. Instead of a hero, he has created a mob; this mob is therefore the protagonist — or chief character — and if individuals emerge from the rank and file they are not thrust into the foreground to stay long. It was cryin’ more than breathin’ with me from the time each poor little thing came into the world till death took pity on it.

Inin Rapallo, Italy, Hauptmann wrote his dramatic requiem, The Darknessesdedicated to his encounter with the eternal values of the Jewish spirit represented by Pinkus and to the defense, in a time of darkness, of its immense contribution to civilization.

Preview — The Weavers by Gerhart Hauptmann. During the Weimar Republic —33 he enjoyed the status of the literary figurehead of the new order, and was even considered for the post of state president. But what is mirrored in The Weavers is so appalling, so dismally hopeless that it stamps the damning brand upon our civilization.

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