June 2, 2020

The Garden of Emunah: A Practical Guide to Life By Rabbi Shalom Arush Translated by Brody, Rabbi Lazer Emuna–faith–is the cornerstone for every Jew. The Garden Of Emuna has ratings and 20 reviews. Tina said: This was a fantastic book to read. I loved the simplicity of it and how it really lays out. The Garden of Emuna New Expanded Edition! This incredible best-seller is your ultimate practical guide to life! Discover the power of emuna and get powerful.

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Rebbe Arush is truly a gifted author and speaker.

Title: The Garden Of Emuna: A Practical Guide to Life

Garden of Emunah is no exception. Jul 14, Eliezer Emunwh rated it it was amazing. Something Random from the Week. This is the free will dichotomy of a Creator who knows what will happen, but we still have the choice.

Daily life getting you down? Take a look at lives of lottery winners — winning often shatters their relationships and agrden find themselves in debt often with unpaid tax bills. This is the kind of book you can read over and over again. One of the best books in this genre I have ever read. Torah and mitzvos are a vehicle to have emuna and that is the purpose of life. Courtney rated it really liked it Jul 16, This practical book offers insights into emuna, collected from very stories, commentaries, and teachings presented in an easily readable format.


He also makes a lot of assumptions. Dov Bigio rated it liked it May 18, Through this new awareness I have experienced feeling calmness giving me the chance to reset and center myself.

It teaches you a bunch of profound things about some of life’s biggest questions, including why ‘bad’ things happen to ‘good’ people; how to keep smiling when you’re going through a tough patch; and how to break out of negative thought patterns and beliefs that keep you trapped in ‘self-destruct’ mode.

Jan 06, Robert-bampi Rickman-smith rated it it was amazing Shelves: They will pay the penalty for stepping up to the plate to annoy or to hurt you, but Hashem enables you to learn a spiritual lesson so that you will be spiritually richer for the experience s. I can’t even begin to express how this book helped change my life. Francis Lynn rated it it was amazing Oct 01, Rabbi Lazer Brody, dean of the Ashdod branch translated this book into English so engagingly that Anglo minds can readily absorb its lessons.

Apr 02, Stephanie Corbett rated it it was amazing.

However, this is still the goal and still something to be worked on constantly. However, in the future, you make changes and do what you should.


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Aug 10, Toddlisa rated it it was amazing. This book is interesting. In addition to solid basic and intermediate level emuna, the upper-level individual believes that Hashem does everything for a farden purpose, and that every one of Hashem’s actions conveys a special message. One of the most profound books I have ever read! I really think you have to be in the right emotional or spiritual state when you read this book.

Even if you already believe in G-d which I did before reading this ogread it. It brings enlightenment in all aspects of life. It strengthened my faith in G-d and in turn, affected my life in such a positive way.

I highly recommend this book which also is written in Spanish for those who prefer to read this eye opening garen. I discovered that when my mind begins to wander off deep into thought, my thoughts can easily run lose, in all directions, eventually leaving my inner self feeling disappointment. Every little thing that happens in our lives is surely forged by our thoughts and our acts.