June 7, 2020

Find great deals for Gamewell Flex If LCD Display With CPU Fire Alarm Board ASSY If Shop with confidence on eBay!. The Gamewell Retrofit Kits offered by Gamewell-FCI provide a simple way to convert without replacing the existing Gamewell backbox. IF panel. Gamewell IdentiFlex Fire Alarm Control Panel. FIRE ALARM AND SMOKE DETECTION SYSTEM. 1. GENERAL. RELATED DOCUMENTS.

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Hello everyone, I’ve exhausted all of my if6610 resources now troubleshooting the cause of false alarms from a XPT addressable heat detector on an IF system. The company I work for has been with Gamewell for over 40 years.

Previous topic Next topic. Yes this really happened to me a few months ago. January 13, With care and maintanence, commercial i6f10 smokes last a long time, but a facility like a school is a pretty hard use environment. That being said, what temperature rating sprinklers are installed?

Further, the rate of rise is consistent with the second tower on the property, which gaamewell not having this issue. I don’t know if they’re still in business as the company making the city master fire alarm boxes but the fire alarm panel line became Gamewell-FCi and then got swallowed up into the Honeywell cluster.

Anyone who tells you all their jobs are perfect is full of SH1t.

Any ways the E3 will accomodate the Apollo devices and give you full control over the system and even more features. IF that is the case, then would anyone happen to have the software that I need to change the device address and the related functions in the program?? The fire alarm company who was “maintaining” the system for the last 5 years of course does not know anything about this? Most of the colleges that have a lot of Gamewell systems have a decent ammount of spare devices in stock in their maintenance area.


I am also being told that all of our detectors need to be replaced as they are almost 10 years old and past their life expectancy. Wed Sep 24, 6: We have had no issues servicing them so far.

IF Datasheet(PDF) – Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell

The E3 can be a direct replacement for the 6oo series GW panels. Please login or register.

Would anyone happen to know if just like with the Notifier systems, that system points in the IF may just go bad??? This card is made to run the older Gamewell Apollo XP95 devices. There are 2 different addressable loop cards available for it. Tue Sep 23, Recently, UL updated it’s fire alarm standards from 8th edition i6f10 9th edition.

Gamewell System Obsolete?

Page 1 of 1. January 15, Gamewell IF heat detector false alarms Posted: This works great too.

Can anyone comfirm for me that this panel is obsolete and explain what the usual life is for heat and smoke detectors gamfwell a school. Not familiar with that ganewell, but chances are, he’s right. If you have any Q’s let me know. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Either way I would look into the E3 as a solution for the Gamewell The ambient temperature is fairly warm though far from hot enough to cause a legitimate alarm condition.


We have literally hundreds of customers that have older gamewell systems in them. The location is inside the elevator machine room on the roof top of a 10 story tower in Gamewel Beach.

Gamewell If610 GW31025 Bus Driver Signal System Control Module

January 16, Mon Sep 22, 5: It is true that the, and panels are not made any more. Logged The Truth of Thermodynamics: The GW will not show a trouble or anything system normal. Most of the fire alarm builders have sunseted their older models, as a result.

Now there is ventilation provided by an exhaust fan and two gamedell elctro-mechanical dampers, all of which are open and running. SMF – Just Installed! The cost on parts for the is NOT going to go down but rather UP as parts become less and less available. They merged under the Honeywell umbrella. Did you miss your activation email? Now a few years later the system gets swapped out with an E3 system and all of a sudden there is an extra address trouble on the panel.