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Seductora Inocencia (Spanish Edition) [Gaelen Foley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. : Seductora Inocencia (Spanish Edition) () by Gaelen Foley and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books. : Seductora inocencia / The duke (Spanish Edition) ( ) by Gaelen Foley and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible.

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Whether as the brave and idealistic but oh-so-naive young girl fighting the world all alone, to save her irresponsible papa and her own virtue in the beginning. Her lips were bee-stung, her cheeks glowed pink, and she was vaelen rather heavily. I found that scene contrived and out of character for her given her past experience with a brutal man and her innocence in all sexual acts.

Seductora Inocencia by Gaelen Foley – Hardcover MINT

Many of Belinda’s actions didn’t work for me. Enjoyable read though it started off rather slow for me. He said she was his lady and not a whore when Bel filey him not to risk his life for her, yet he turns around and does exactly that by asking her to stay his mistress and treating her like an illicit dirty secret.

My biggest voley with this book were that at times it was just unrealistic.

Seductora inocencia / The duke (Spanish Edition): Gaelen Foley: : Books

Jksl rated it it was ok Mar 04, A lovely heroine coley strong hero. The author gives us a glimpse into the dark underside of Regency life, where an impoverished woman was often left with no choice inlcencia to sell her body, where people were put in prison for being unable to pay their debts, and where most of the upper class was utterly insensitive to the plight of ordinary seductora inocencia gaelen foley. I will definitely be adding them to my list of “Super Couples” in books!


Available now at — ISBN: This scene naturally breaks a lot of barriers between them and of course a dual that follows this confession where Robert is the chivalrous knight fighting for ‘his lady’ cemented that he would do anything for her. One of my favorite parts about Hawk is that he isn’t perfect. For a book that seemed to have at least some historical research behind it, judging by the afterword, I felt like Ms.

Overall, this was a strong 4. An absolutely riveting story! That’s the part when I felt the inocencix really started to shine. The other niggling issue is with the dialog, which is entirely out of character for the era. Everything about her was matchless: His reputation, his position in politics, his family’s legacy relies on him iocencia do the right thing by marrying someone within the peerage.

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I’m kind of surprised actually how this book has been credited as Gaelen Foley’s best work, I disagree on that. The ending is from a fairy tale and it goes overboard a bit, but I still enjoyed most see the spoiler of the story.

On the other hand, Belinda, the ‘courtesan’, was the biggest Mary Sue I have seen in a long time. All together different story. View all 14 comments.

I probably would have been swooning over this book and given this a 5 star if I had read this 2 years ago when I started to devour HR books left and right. And you are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness.

I really felt this could have been inocenxia up more with the number of mistakes I found. Foley gives us a taste of the rest of the Knight family, just enough to make the reader want to collect all the books in the series! I don’t even think she should realize only then. I didn’t like some of the things he said to Belinda and how judgmental he could be; but we learn a lot about his history, his parents and why he is the way he is.


He was not without his flaws though, far from it, he was so imperfect in his views of his mother and then later his title as he lost Bel to it. I have a problem foleh the way Romance novels frequently have servants of any type step above their station with no awareness that what they’re doing is really ballsy.

Seductora inocencia/ The Duke

I agree with other reviewers that it isn’t very sporting of Robert to refuse to marry Sedutcora but expect her to stay on as his mistress. But I do care whether I could identify with her.

So despite feeling uncomfortable with this premise, I got right into it and can say I am now a devoted Gaelen Foley fan! Her back and forth attitude made her seem bipolar and like a tease.

A personal opinion that if a woman is raped then they are not going to jump into becoming a courtesan or into b My biggest problem with this book were that at times it was just unrealistic.

Through some way of destiny, she meets Dolph, a handsome asshole who falls head over heels with her instantly.